All healers in Genshin Impact ranked

Genshin Impact: Ranking the Best Healers for Your Team

Genshin Impact is renowned for its diverse roster of over 70 characters and its robust combat system. One of the most crucial factors in successful teambuilding is having a strong healer to keep your team alive. However, it’s not just about raw healing numbers. Healers can provide additional buffs, offensive power, or defensive utilities like shields. That’s why it’s important to find a healer that complements your team composition. In this guide, we will rank the best healers in Genshin Impact, from the most specialized to the best-in-class.

Note: While this guide ranks healers, it’s essential to remember that there are no bad characters in Genshin Impact. With the right team composition, any character on this list can be utilized effectively.

The Best Healers in Genshin Impact

Special Mentions

Before we delve into the top healers, it’s essential to acknowledge a few characters who provide some healing abilities but aren’t technically healers themselves. These characters include Xingqiu, Gorou, and Zhongli. Although their healing powers are either limited or locked behind constellations, they can compensate for the absence of a dedicated healer on a team. For example, Xingqiu offers damage reduction and interruption resistance, making him an offensive powerhouse. Consider the role of these characters and whether your team truly needs a dedicated healer.


Dori is an Electro healer in Genshin Impact, but she falls on the weaker side compared to other characters. Her damage output is low, and her Electro application is less reliable. Additionally, her heavy Energy Recharge requirements and weak Electro application make her less favorable compared to other options like Kuki Shinobu. However, she can still be used effectively in teams that don’t heavily rely on Electro application, such as Physical teams.


Noelle is a Geo healer character that can be obtained through the Beginner Wish banner. Initially, she has a weak shield, but her true potential unlocks at Constellation 6. At this point, Noelle’s ATK greatly increases based on her DEF, turning her into a viable main DPS character with strong and wide-reaching Normal Attacks. Although this build requires pairing her with other Geo characters, particularly Gorou, Noelle becomes self-sustaining with her Elemental Burst providing additional heals.


Qiqi is a 5-star character, but she ranks as one of the worst 5-star characters in Genshin Impact. While she boasts high healing numbers, Qiqi doesn’t offer much else. She doesn’t provide significant Energy Regeneration for other Cryo characters and lacks Cryo application in Freeze teams. However, Qiqi can find value in Physical teams where her defensive utility is appreciated, and constant Cryo application is not a priority.


Barbara is a free-to-play starter healer that every player receives in Genshin Impact. While her main strength lies in raw healing numbers, she can also inflict the “Wet” status on herself and her teammates with her Elemental Skill. This can be advantageous in applying Hydro to enemies but can also make her susceptible to incoming elemental reactions. Barbara can be built as a main DPS character with strong Charged Attacks if optimized properly, serving as a free-to-play alternative for Hydro-applicator teams.


Sayu is a 4-star Anemo character who can be considered an alternative to Jean as an Anemo healer. Sayu’s Elemental Skill and Burst trigger Swirl, allowing her to reliably use the Viridescent Venerer set, which reduces an enemy’s Elemental RES. At Constellation 1, Sayu’s Elemental Burst provides both healing and damage to enemies, prolonging the Swirl uptime. Additionally, Sayu excels as an exploration character due to her ability to transform into a ball and travel long distances.


Mika is a 4-star Cryo character specialized in supporting Physical DPS characters. While his Elemental Burst provides a decent burst heal, Mika shines as a Physical DMG buffer, offering a variety of buffs to enhance a Physical DPS character’s damage. At Constellation 6, Mika’s Physical DMG boost reaches 60%. However, due to the specificity of his kit, he’s not recommended for teams outside of this niche.


Diona is a 4-star Cryo character commonly used in Freeze teams. Her Elemental Burst provides healing and Cryo application, while her Elemental Skill generates Cryo particles. As a defensive unit, Diona’s shield adds another layer of protection. At Constellation 6, her Elemental Burst also grants a significant Elemental Mastery buff, making her a valuable addition to various team compositions.


Jean is a 5-star Anemo character who offers offensive capabilities, dealing high damage with her Elemental Burst. She also serves as a battery for other Anemo characters like Xiao. Similar to Sayu, Jean can benefit from the Viridescent Venerer set, allowing her to debuff enemies after triggering the Swirl reaction. At higher constellations, Jean provides numerous buffs and debuffs, enhancing teamwide ATK SPD and Movement SPD, as well as reducing enemies’ Anemo RES at Constellation 4.


Yaoyao is a remarkable 4-star Dendro healer in Genshin Impact. She comes with an adorable companion named Yuegui, who either unleashes Dendro attacks on opponents or heals allies below 70% HP. Yaoyao’s strong Dendro application makes her a valuable addition to Dendro teams, which currently enjoy access to potent elemental reactions. Her constellations also provide additional bonuses, such as a Dendro DMG bonus and increased Energy Recharge. Yaoyao excels in reaction-heavy teams.

Kuki Shinobu

Kuki Shinobu is a 4-star character renowned for her excellent healing abilities and consistent Electro application. She synergizes exceptionally well with Dendro characters and is often paired with some of the best characters in the game. Kuki Shinobu not only provides powerful heals but also contributes to the offensive capabilities of the team. She is an excellent choice for players seeking a strong healer with offensive properties.


Finding the right healer for your team in Genshin Impact is crucial for success. While raw healing numbers are essential, it’s equally vital to consider the additional buffs, offensive power, or defensive utilities that healers can bring to your squad. The healers mentioned in this guide offer varying degrees of specialization, allowing you to choose a healer that best suits your team composition and playstyle. Experiment and explore the possibilities to optimize your healing potential in Genshin Impact.