Old School RuneScape (OSRS) – Best-in-Slot Amulets

The Best Amulets to Use in Old School RuneScape

When progressing in RuneScape, players often face the dilemma of choosing the best gear upgrades. While weapons and armor are typically straightforward choices, the wide variety of amulets and jewelry available can be overwhelming. In this guide, we will highlight the top three amulets to use in Old School RuneScape and provide tips on how to obtain them naturally, specifically for Iron accounts.

3 Best Amulets in OSRS (BiS)

With numerous amulets to choose from in OSRS, it’s important to know which ones are worth pursuing. The three best amulets in the game are the Amulet of Glory, the Amulet of Fury, and the Amulet of Torture. These amulets offer remarkable stats and are considered best in slot for their respective purposes.

Amulet of Glory

The Amulet of Glory is a highly versatile piece of jewelry in Old School RuneScape. It strikes a perfect balance between combat stats and functionality. What makes it even better is that there are no requirements to wear it, meaning you can obtain one right after Tutorial Island and gain a head start in your RuneScape career. The Amulet of Glory provides a +10 Attack bonus and a +3 Defense bonus to all attack styles. Additionally, it offers a +6 Melee Strength bonus and a +3 Prayer bonus. On top of its combat advantages, the Amulet of Glory can be charged at the Fountain of Heroes in the Hero’s Guild or the Fountain of Rune in the deep Wilderness, enabling you to teleport to Draynor Village, Edgeville, Karamja, or Al Kharid while wearing it. This feature frees up an inventory slot, making it even more beneficial.

How to Obtain Naturally: If you prefer to avoid the Grand Exchange, you can craft the Amulet of Glory from scratch. To do so, you will need a gold bar, a cut dragonstone, a ball of wool, and the necessary runes or tabs to cast the Lvl-5 Enchant spell. This process requires 80 Crafting and 68 Magic to complete. Obtaining the required materials can be a quest of its own. You can smelt a gold bar from gold ore with a Smithing level of 40. Dragonstones can be acquired from various bosses and treasure chests, with drop rates ranging from 1/64 to 1/512.

Amulet of Fury

The Amulet of Fury is a historically significant item in RuneScape and remains a popular choice against even the toughest bosses. Similar to the Amulet of Glory but offering even stronger combat bonuses, the Amulet of Fury is widely regarded as the best all-around combat amulet in the game. It enhances your attack with a +10 bonus across all styles and provides an impressive +15 Defense bonus. Additionally, it boosts Melee strength by +8 and Prayer by +5. If you manage to obtain a Blood shard from the vampires in Darkmeyer, you can use it to upgrade the Amulet of Fury into an Amulet of Blood Fury. While wearing an Amulet of Blood Fury in combat, you have a 20% chance of healing for 30% of the damage you deal to your opponent.

How to Obtain Naturally: Acquiring an Amulet of Fury through natural means might prove costly, as it currently trades for around 1.4 million coins on the Grand Exchange. To create one yourself, you will need a gold bar, a ball of wool, an onyx, and the necessary enchantment. Craft the amulet using an amulet mould on a furnace. This process requires 90 Crafting and 87 Magic. Obtaining an uncut onyx can be challenging. It has a drop rate of 1/1000 or higher from bosses such as Zalcano, Zulrah, and Skotizo. Other sources, such as the Elven Crystal Chest or the Gem Counter in Mol Ul Rek, offer slightly higher drop rates of approximately 1/10,000.

Amulet of Torture

The Amulet of Torture is the ultimate glass cannon amulet in Old School RuneScape. It offers the highest melee bonuses in the game but lacks defensive bonuses. The amulet provides a staggering +15 Attack bonus to melee stats, along with a +10 Melee strength bonus and a +2 Prayer bonus. While it exposes the wearer to heavy hits, it also allows for incredibly powerful attacks.

How to Obtain Naturally: As the best-in-slot offensive melee amulet, the Amulet of Torture currently sells for around 9.2 million coins on the Grand Exchange. Crafting it from scratch can be a significant challenge for Iron accounts. Like the previous amulets, the initial steps involve using a gold bar, a ball of wool, a zenyte gem, and an amulet mould on a furnace. Then, cast the Lvl-7 Enchant spell on it to create an Amulet of Torture. This process requires 98 Crafting and 93 Magic. Obtaining a cut zenyte starts by obtaining an onyx, which can be found from bosses like Zalcano, Zulrah, and Skotizo with a drop rate of 1/1000 or higher. From there, you need to acquire a zenyte shard by defeating Demonic Gorillas (Level-275) in a dungeon accessible after completing the Monkey Madness II quest. Combine the zenyte shard and onyx at the Wall of Flame on Ape Atoll to create an uncut Zenyte, which can be cut with a chisel.

That concludes our guide to the best amulets in Old School RuneScape! If you have any input or suggestions, please let us know in the comment section below.