How to get and spend Omni Stones in Gatekeeper

How to Obtain Omni Stones in Gatekeeper

In Gatekeeper, Omni Stones are crucial rare orange orbs that can enhance your power during runs. Make sure to collect as many as you can to boost your abilities.

Locating Omni Stones

Omni Stones are the sole currency available in Gatekeeper and they persist through all your runs. You can acquire them by defeating enemies, and your current count is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. After each run, the stats panel will show how many Omni Stones you gathered.

These Omni Stones are quite elusive and are rarely dropped by enemies. From personal experience, I estimate their drop rate to be around 1%, making them a prized possession. While they can be obtained in both Normal mode and Arena mode, they seem to be more scarce in the latter.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

To check your current Omni Stones count, visit the Emporium where they are prominently displayed at the top.

While one might assume that the arena would be the best place to gather Omni Stones due to the higher enemy concentration, I actually found a higher yield when playing in Normal mode. Therefore, it is advisable to play normally and strive to progress as far as possible.

Utilizing Omni Stones in Gatekeeper

There are two primary ways to spend your Omni Stones in Gatekeeper – Artifacts and the Dawnbreaker.

If you visit the Emporium, you will come across different sets of Artifacts. While everyone begins with five sets of Artifacts active, the rest will need to be unlocked. Each set has specific unlock requirements tied to achievements.

As you fulfill achievements and unlock Artifact sets, you will gain access to more power-ups for your runs. However, in order to utilize them, you must purchase them using Omni Stones.

Each Artifact within a set requires Omni Stones for purchase, allowing you to select the ones that complement your build the most effectively.

Gatekeeper Dawnbreaker
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Additionally, you can spend Omni Stones to activate the Dawnbreaker, located in the Runewood map on Aurora. It is found to the north and costs 10 Omni Stones to unlock, leading you to Bastion.

Armed with this knowledge about Omni Stones, you are now equipped to unlock the necessary Artifacts for the ideal build.