Resident Evil 1 Remake Reportedly in the Works

Rumors emerged over the weekend that Resident Evil 1 remake is in the works at Capcom, with at least one of the reports coming from a known insider. The 1996 PS1 game received a Nintendo GameCube remake in 2002, and an HD remaster in 2015 for the PS3 and PS4 alongside other platforms. If rumors are to be believed, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are set to be re-introduced once again.

Resident Evil 1 remake release date window possibly leaked

Rumor of the RE1 remake first came from an Arab Resident Evil community that goes by PRE_Alarabiya on X. The report was corroborated by DanielRPK (via Reddit), who has a pretty good track record. No further information was revealed but according to PRE_Alarabiya, RE1 remake will release sometime in 2026.

2026 will mark the Resident Evil series’ 30th anniversary (yes, you’re that old). In December 2023, Capcom said that it has plans for more Resident Evil remakes following the success of RE2, 3, and 4 remakes. The publisher said that it wants to bring the older games to a modern audience.

PRE_Alarabiya also claimed in a separate tweet that Leon Kennedy is the main protagonist of the upcoming Resident Evil 9.