Stray Gods: Orpheus Gives The Role-Playing Musical A DLC Encore

Stray Gods DLC: Orpheus Announcement

Stray Gods: The Role-Playing Musical, a unique blend of musical theatre and interactive fiction, originally launched last August to the delight of fans. Now, an exciting new DLC has been announced at LudoNarraCon – Stray Gods: Orpheus. This expansion will follow the character of Orpheus through a brand new adventure, giving players a deeper insight into his backstory and personality.

The trailer for the DLC features Orpheus, played by Anthony Rapp, and Hermes, played by Erika Ishii. While Orpheus was briefly featured in the base game, this expansion will offer a more in-depth exploration of his character. With approximately two hours of gameplay, six new interactive tracks, and the return of familiar songwriters like Austin Wintory and Simon Hall, along with new addition Tom Cardy, players can expect a rich and engaging musical experience.

According to a press release, players can expect to make choices that will impact the narrative of the game. “When the curtain has fallen and the show is over, who do you go home as? Choose to reject, embrace, or rewrite the stories the world expects of you. Is the mortal world ready for the return of Ancient Greece’s most infamous bard?”

Stray Gods: Orpheus is set to release on PC on June 27, with a console release date to be announced soon. Stay tuned for more updates on Stray Gods and be sure to explore our feature on how the game was made. If you’re a fan of Greek mythology, don’t miss our exclusive coverage hub for Hades II this month.