How To Use A Purified Gem In Pokemon GO

The concept of the Purified Gem in Pokemon GO may be confusing for some players, so let’s dive into how to use this special item effectively. While it may seem similar to Evolution items, the Purified Gem serves a unique purpose in Shadow raids. Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining and utilizing this valuable gem.

How To Use Purified Gems in Pokemon GO

How To Use A Purified Gem In Pokemon GO
Image Credits: Kingbert04 on YouTube. Tap on the Purified Gem to use it on an enraged Shadow Pokemon boss in Pokemon GO.

To use Purified Gems in Pokemon GO, target Shadow raid bosses when they become Enraged. These gems help calm the Pokemon boss down and make battling them easier. You can even stack the effects of Purified Gems, with each player able to use up to 5 gems in a raid. For optimal results, gather all 8 trainers to use these gems during the battle.

  1. Initiate a Shadow raid.
  2. Engage in battle with the Shadow Pokemon boss.
  3. Once the boss reaches the “Enraged” state after losing 1/3 of its HP, the Purified gem interface will appear in the bottom left corner. Make sure you have at least one gem crafted to activate this feature.
  4. Tap on the Purified gem to use it.
  5. Once used, the “Enraged” status should vanish from the boss Pokemon.
  6. There is a cooldown period after each use of the gem.

Continue using the Purified Gems until you defeat the boss, granting you the chance to catch the Shadow Pokemon.

How to Obtain Purified Gems

To craft 1 Purified Gem, you will need a Shard Refiner and 4 Shadow Shards. These components can be acquired by defeating Team GO Rocket members, leaders, and Giovanni.

Keep in mind that you can only carry a maximum of 10 gems at a time, so use them strategically.

That covers the basics of Purified Gems in Pokemon GO. If you encounter any GPS signal issues or Pokemon location problems, refer to our guide for troubleshooting tips.