Use Your Powers of De-duck-tion in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami


  • Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is set to debut on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the Windows Store.
  • Players will solve mysteries by interrogating suspects and gathering evidence in this quirky adventure game.
  • Enjoy approximately two to three hours of light-hearted narrative gameplay.
  • Meet a colorful cast of fully voice-acted characters as you dive into this detective story.

Solving crimes isn’t all fun and games, especially when you’re a duck.

We’re thrilled to announce that Duck Detective: The Secret Salami will soon be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the Windows Store! This game combines elements of Aggretsuko and Return of the Obra Dinn in a charming mystery where a quirky duck must uncover a sausage-related conspiracy.

Assume the role of Eugene McQuacklin, a part-time private investigator and full-time duck. With a failed marriage and former police career behind him, Eugene must rely on his keen deductive skills to revitalize his career and perhaps make enough to cover next month’s rent.

DuckD screenshot

The team at Happy Broccoli Games drew inspiration from classic Agatha Christie novels to craft this engaging tale. While Christie’s works lean towards suspense, Duck Detective: The Secret Salami keeps players guessing while bringing a smile to their faces. With a mix of a pompous detective, oddball characters, and confined spaces, this game promises plenty of entertainment!

DuckD screenshot

Justice may be served cold, but in this case, it’s served at the bottom of a pond. Dive into the mystery of The Secret Salami and get ready to immerse yourself in this intriguing case.

Stay tuned for the release date of Duck Detective: The Secret Salami as we work diligently to bring this detective adventure to your gaming consoles. Get ready for more puns and fun when the game launches on Xbox!