Does Zagreus Appear in Hades 2?

What Happened to Zagreus in Hades 2?

(Spoiler Warning)

Zagreus is stuck inside a time crystal inside the House of Hades alongside the rest of Hades’ family and house members, including Nyx, Persephone, Thanatos, Magaera, and others.As such, Zagreus does not appear in Hades 2 at this stage.

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According to the Titan of Time, he has not eaten them yet, but they remain there stuck in Stasis. Unlike Melinoe, they were unable to deal with the Titan’s time-stopping abilities.

Is Zagreus Alive in Hades 2?

Yes, Zagreus is alive in Hades 2 alongside the rest of his family. However, all of them are trapped inside Chronos’s time crystals. The only exceptions are Cerberus and Hades himself.

Hades 2 chronos dialogue about house of hades trapped members
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Hades is locked away in a room in Tartarus and you can actually run into him if you reach Tartarus. He’ll offer you a boon and ask you to turn back, as Chronos is too powerful.

Hades 2 hades and cerberus imprisoned in Tartarus
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Cerberus is also alive but has been corrupted by Chronos’s magic and roams the Fields of Mourning as the boss, Infernal Cerberus. Once you defeat Cerberus here, it will run away to Hades’ side in Tartarus.

You cannot free your family and reunite with them until you defeat Chronos. Once you defeat the Titan of Time and overturn the Fate in his control, you can finally free your family from his grasp. We’ll share more details once full access to the game is provided due to certain parts in early access being locked away.

That’s all you need to know about the fate of Zagreus and the House of Hades in Hades 2. While you march to defeat the powerful Titan, learn about Hexes and all the bosses in Hades 2. We’ve also got tips on getting Duo Boons and Wheat.

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