SteelSeries is revamping its Arctis Nova 7 gaming headsets with a gorgeous new color

SteelSeries Unveils White Collection of Arctis Nova 7 Gaming Headsets

SteelSeries has announced the release of a special edition White Collection for its Arctis Nova 7 gaming headset line. The collection features two models: the Arctis Nova 7X for Xbox consoles and the Arctis Nova 7P for PlayStation consoles. These headsets come in a stunning white color and offer a range of impressive features. With the incorporation of the Nova Acoustic System, which combines high fidelity speaker drivers and 360° Spatial Audio, users can enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, the headsets include a Sonar Audio Software Suite with a pro-grade parametric EQ, making it the first of its kind for gamers, allowing for precise adjustments to each frequency.

Both the Arctis Nova 7X and Arctis Nova 7P are equipped with 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. Thanks to Simultaneous Audio, gamers can simultaneously listen to two audio streams using these connectivity options. The headsets offer an impressive 38-hour battery life and can be quickly recharged in just 15 minutes for six hours of use, providing users with long-lasting and portable functionality.

Featuring ClearCast Gen 2’s AI-powered noise cancellation processing and the Sonar Software, the Arctis Nova 7 headsets are designed to deliver superior noise cancellation, making them ideal for streamers who require a noise-free environment. With four adjustment points and memory foam cushions, these headsets provide a comfortable and customized fit for users.

The pricing for the White Collection gaming headsets is set at $179.99, offering an affordable option for gamers seeking high-quality audio experiences.

SteelSeries: A Leader in Gaming Headsets

SteelSeries has a strong reputation for producing top-tier wireless gaming headsets, earning numerous favorable reviews from users. The Arctis Nova 7, which has received the White Collection upgrade, has garnered a score of four out of five stars. The headset has been praised for its solid neutral sound quality, long battery life, and extensive customization options with the Sonar app. However, users should be aware that the headset’s bass is relatively weak, which may impact the audio experience.

It should be noted that the special edition version of the headsets is priced the same as the original version, at $179. For those in search of a premium headset, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, which received four and a half out of five stars, is available for $349. This model offers excellent sound quality, detailed audio, a respectable 22-hour battery life, and multiple connectivity options.

While the more affordable headset options may have significant limitations in terms of quality, investing in a higher-priced headset can yield a much-improved audio experience.