Brave Nine successor Brown Dust 2 earns $10 million in two months | Pocket

Brown Dust 2, the highly anticipated sequel/prequel to the immensely popular RPG Brave Nine, has achieved a remarkable milestone of earning $10 million within just two months since its global release in June.

Brave Nine, developed by South Korean publisher Neowiz, played a crucial role in establishing Neowiz’s presence in the mobile gaming industry back in 2017. With its success, Neowiz has been able to release various other games and expand its reach.

It’s no surprise, then, that a sequel to Brave Nine would find success in the mobile marketplace under the name Brave Nine 2. However, what is surprising is the phenomenal success of Brown Dust 2, which has set a new record for South Korean gacha games, as highlighted by Sensor Tower.

Success in Numbers

Sensor Tower’s data reveals that Japan contributes the highest proportion of revenue for Brown Dust 2 at 28.4%. The total revenue of $10 million includes earnings from both the App Store and Play Store up until August 31.

Following Japan, Korea ranks second in terms of in-game spending, accounting for 23.4% of the total earnings. Taiwan ranks third, contributing 14.3% of the revenue, while Hong Kong and the US make up 13.6% and 9.7% respectively.

Brown Dust 2 currently holds the 11th position in its revenue category in Japan and ranks third in both Korea and Taiwan. Honkai: Star Rail continues to dominate the top spot. Notably, more than 80% of all revenue generated by Brown Dust 2 comes from Asia.

90s Nostalgia

Brown Dust 2 is a strategy game, a gacha game, and a fantasy RPG. Developed by GempsN, it was launched on June 22 as a prequel to Brave Nine. The game’s distinct atmosphere, which evokes 90s nostalgia, has resonated with players, leading to its popularity.

The organic sources have driven 69% of the total downloads for Brown Dust 2. This surge in downloads has resulted in a significant 70% increase in Neowiz’s mobile sales. Notably, Neowiz has previously incorporated blockchain elements into Brave Nine and Golf Impact. As part of a marketing campaign, Crypto Golf Impact rewarded users with nearly $150,000.