Where to find Percival in Starfield

Where to Find Percival in Starfield

Finding Percival in Starfield is quite an involved process. You’ll need to head deep into the mines of Mars, specifically the Abandoned Mines located behind where your ship lands in the port. However, access to the area where Percival is located is restricted until you complete most of the Delivering Devils questline.

To gain entry and find Percival in Starfield, you’ll need a key for that area. Obtaining the key requires completing a significant portion of the aforementioned quest. Specifically, you’ll need to acquire the key from Lou. There may be multiple methods to accomplish this, but I personally paid off Percival’s debt with the Trade Authority to obtain the key.

Here’s the door to the Trade Authority room from the Golden Spear route. Screenshot by PC Invasion

To locate the computer that can reduce Percival’s debt and pay it off in Starfield, I personally pickpocketed the key from Oktai Enbayar to access the room upstairs in the Trade Authority. Alternatively, if you have Master lockpicking skills, you can lockpick the door to gain entry. There is also another door on the opposite side that requires Advanced lockpicking skills. To access this door, proceed to the back of the Golden Spear and locate the door that requires Advanced lockpicking.

Finding Percival

Starfield Percival Mine Door

Screenshot by PC Invasion

After successfully lowering and paying off Percival’s debt in Starfield, it’s time to locate him. Follow the quest until you obtain the key necessary for the mines, then proceed to the mines by following the marker that leads behind your ship’s landing location. Once inside the mines, eliminate any enemies you encounter and continue towards the end. Eventually, you’ll come across a door that requires the key. Use the key to unlock it and continue further until you finally find Percival in Starfield. There were no enemies beyond the door in my experience, so it should be a relatively safe journey for you.

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