Stardew Valley – Where to Buy Backpack

Probably the most frustrating aspect of starting your journey in Stardew Valley is the limited inventory space. With only 12 slots available, you’re constantly faced with the dilemma of what to take on your adventures and what to leave behind.

Having to carry around at least 5 essential tools leaves you with even fewer slots for other items like ores, fish, and crops. It becomes a hassle to constantly switch out items or make trips back home to store things.

This is where upgrading your backpack becomes crucial. By purchasing backpack upgrades, you can significantly increase the number of slots in your inventory, making your life much easier.

Why You Should Buy a Backpack

At the beginning of your journey in Stardew Valley, you’re stuck with a measly 12 inventory slots. This is hardly enough to hold all the necessary tools and resources you’ll need on your adventures outside of the farm.

If you want to carry more items with you and avoid frequent trips back home, it’s essential to invest in a new and improved backpack.

There are two backpack options available: the Large Pack and the Deluxe Pack. The Large Pack increases your inventory capacity to 24 slots, while the Deluxe Pack gives you a whopping 36 slots.

Considering the number of tools you start with, such as the copper pan and fishing rod, having extra inventory space is crucial for efficient gameplay.

Where to Buy the Backpack

You can purchase backpack upgrades at Pierre’s Store, conveniently located in the heart of Pelican Town.

To find Pierre’s Store, head to the right from your farm until you reach the Bus Stop area. Keep walking to the right, and you’ll enter Pelican Town.

Continue walking to the right, and you’ll see a building with a Clinic attached to it. This is Pierre’s Store.

Once inside the store, look for the Backpack sitting on the counter with a prominent “For Sale” sign. The first backpack costs 2,000g and will increase your inventory capacity to 24 slots.

After purchasing the red backpack, a blue backpack will appear in its place. This one costs 10,000g and increases your maximum inventory slots to 34.

If you can manage to earn the required funds early on, you can buy both backpacks right from day one.

That’s everything you need to know about where to buy the Backpack in Stardew Valley!

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