5 Potential Spider-Man Villains I’d Love To See in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Ideas for Villains in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Villains are an essential part of any superhero’s story, and Spider-Man is no exception. As we eagerly anticipate the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, let’s explore some of the exciting villains that could make an appearance in the game.

5. The Sandman

Image: Marvel Comics

The Sandman may not be the most intriguing villain, but his unique ability to transform into sand could lead to an engaging boss fight. Imagine a multi-phase battle where Spider-Man faces off against Sandy, who manages to escape twice before finally transforming into a giant Sandman. Insomniac has the opportunity to deliver an epic encounter that goes beyond the cliché of defeating Sandman with water.

4. Mysterio


Image: Marvel Comics

Mysterio, with his illusionary powers, offers a range of creative possibilities for a visually stunning game. Picture Spider-Man being lured into an auditorium by Mysterio, where he is forced to navigate through mind-bending illusions. This encounter doesn’t have to end with a climactic showdown; sometimes, a quick punch in the face can be satisfying and true to the character.

3. Jackal


Image: Marvel Comics

Avoiding the convoluted Clone Saga, Spider-Man could face a creature created by Jackal – a grotesque clone wearing a tattered Spider-Man costume. This encounter would be intense and emotionally charged, as Spider-Man grapples with the tragic existence of an imperfect clone. The mission could ultimately end with the Spider-Creature devouring Jackal, providing a satisfying resolution to the storyline.

2. El Muerto

El Muerto

Image: Marvel Comics

Let’s have a nod to the iconic wrestling match in the first Spider-Man movie by introducing El Muerto as a wrestling-themed villain. This encounter could provide a unique gameplay experience, with Spider-Man engaging in a wrestling match with El Muerto. Additionally, Insomniac could expand on El Muerto’s character and give him a compelling arc, perhaps even making him a recurring villain in Miles Morales’ storyline.

1. Morlun


Image: Marvel Comics

Morlun, the powerful psychic vampire, could serve as a formidable opponent for both Peter and Miles. Insomniac has the opportunity to give Morlun the presence and glory he deserves. In fact, he could even be the focus of a DLC expansion, where both Spider-Men team up to face this indomitable evil. This would add a darker and more challenging element to the game, pushing the heroes to their limits.

While we eagerly await the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, let’s hope that Insomniac considers these exciting villain possibilities and delivers an unforgettable gaming experience.