The Dragoness: Command of the Flame – Nintendo Switch review

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame – A Captivating Turn-Based Strategy RPG

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame, developed by Crazy Goat Games, is an enthralling turn-based strategy RPG that takes players on a journey to rebuild a once prosperous kingdom. With a fascinating storyline, challenging gameplay, and engaging combat, this game offers hours of entertainment. Join the unnamed elven commander as you assist the Queen Dragoness in defeating the evil Shai-Va and restoring peace to the land.

A Game of Tragedy and Redemption

In the Kingdom of Drairthir Peninsula, two dragon houses lived in harmony – the Regal dragons and the brave Va. However, the Va’s souls became corrupted by constant battles, turning into the cruel Shai-Va. The Queen Dragoness managed to defeat the Shai-Va once, but the kingdom was left in ruins. Now, rumors of rebellion circulate as the Shai-Va’s power grows. It’s your task to rebuild the capital, strengthen your army, and face the Shai-Va once more.

Strategic Gameplay and Skillful Decision-Making

The game starts with a tutorial map where you learn the basics of movement, resource management, and army recruitment. As you progress, you’ll have access to various units, artifacts, and bonus abilities that can greatly impact your success. Choose your actions wisely, as each decision can determine the outcome of battles and ultimately, the fate of the kingdom. Manage your resources and recruit powerful creatures to strengthen your army.

Move the green circular cursor with precision using the left thumb stick and interact with objects by pressing the A button. Plan your movement carefully, as the line of movement will indicate if you can reach your destination in one turn or if additional turns are required.

Engaging Combat and Unique Abilities

Combat in The Dragoness: Command of the Flame is a turn-based, tactical experience reminiscent of chess. Each side takes turns attacking, and the grid-based battlefield adds an extra layer of strategy. Move your creatures strategically, considering their abilities and attack range. Use your character’s magic to buff your fighters and gain more spells and skills as you level up.

Your decisions and actions will shape the outcome of each battle, and the game becomes increasingly challenging as you progress. Combine creatures to make them stronger, but be mindful of sacrificing numbers for power.

Rebuilding a Kingdom and Base Building

When you’re not engaged in battles, you’ll find yourself at the new capital alongside the Queen Dragoness. Help rebuild the kingdom by utilizing the resources you’ve collected and construct new sections to unlock abilities and new creatures. Use the ZL and ZR buttons to rotate the screen and select areas to visit. The base building aspect of the game is relatively basic compared to other mobile base builders, but it adds another layer to the gameplay experience.

A Captivating Journey Awaits

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame may not have the most visually stunning graphics, but its captivating storyline, challenging gameplay, and variety of levels make it an enjoyable experience. The pacing may seem a little flat at times, but the scenarios and strategic decision-making keep players engaged. Whether you’re a fan of turn-based strategy RPGs or looking for a new gaming adventure, The Dragoness: Command of the Flame is a game worth exploring.