How to get Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now, and how Paintballs work

Paintballs: The Essential Resource in Monster Hunter Now

When playing Monster Hunter Now, paintballs are a crucial resource that can help you take down big hunts, even if they’re not nearby. In this guide, we’ll explain what paintballs do and how to obtain more of them.

What are Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now?

Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now serve a specific purpose. As you explore the game, you may encounter large monsters that you don’t want to tackle immediately. With pink regular paintballs, you have the ability to manually mark these hunts, allowing you to fight them later at your convenience. On the other hand, your Palico can automatically use blue Palico paintballs to mark monsters, giving you a few days to take them down. It’s important to note that the strength of these tagged monsters will be random.

This feature is especially useful when you’re on the go. Your Felyne buddy will mark large hunts that you may have missed, even if your app is closed (Adventure Sync must be on). For example, while I was driving on a trip to run errands, I received several notifications that my cat friend had marked big hunts for me.

How to Obtain More Paintballs in Monster Hunter Now

Every day, you are given three blue Palico paintballs for free, with a maximum of three at a time. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to purchase additional Palico paintballs, and any unused paintballs will not carry over to the next day.

Image: Capcom/Niantic via Polygon

To obtain pink regular paintballs, you have the option to purchase them from the shop. They are available for 180 gems per paintball or 900 gems for a pack of five. Additionally, certain Hunter Ranks also offer pink paintballs as rewards.

If you’re familiar with Pokémon Go, you can think of the earnability of paintballs in Monster Hunter Now as similar to raid passes. Blue Palico paintballs are like the free raid passes, while pink regular paintballs are like the paid raid passes.