Don’t Starve Together – Nightmare Werepig Guide: How to Beat It

The Nightmare Werepig Boss Fight Guide for Don’t Starve Together


Nightmare Werepig is one of the latest bosses introduced in Don’t Starve Together, along with new nightmare items and a skill tree mechanic. While this boss may seem neutral at first, fighting it unprepared can be a challenge. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about beating Nightmare Werepig, including its health, spawning day, and strategies for defeating it.

How to Beat Nightmare Werepig

To defeat Nightmare Werepig in Don’t Starve Together, you must first mine all three marble pillars simultaneously to initiate the boss fight. The fight consists of multiple phases, where you need to become insane to kill the Parasitic Shadelings, dodge the boss’s lunge attack to fatigue it, and take advantage of its ground slam to obtain the Dreadstone.


Although Nightmare Werepig may look terrifying, it is relatively easy to deal with. Depending on your experience with kiting, 2 to 3 Log Armor or Football Helmets should be sufficient. If you lack confidence in your fighting ability, it is recommended to bring extra armor or even use a Thulecite Suit and Thulecite Crown if available.

Nightmare Werepig also has a significant negative sanity aura, so it is essential to prepare food that can restore both health and sanity. Cooked Green Caps, Jerkies, and Pierogi are great options.

You will need a Pick/Axe or a Brightshade Smasher to initiate the fight. It is recommended to use a Pick/Axe as it is cheaper and easier to craft. Since the fight takes place underground, it is wise to bring Lanterns or a Star Caller’s Staff to provide light. Alternatively, you can use a Nightmare Amulet to quickly enter the insane state required for the boss’s first phase.

Phase 0: Freeing the Nightmare Werepig

Once you have located the Nightmare Werepig, use a Pick/Axe to mine all three marble pillars that chain the boss. Mine them quickly as they only shake for a short period. When all the pillars shake, the Nightmare Werepig is released, and the boss fight commences.

In this phase, the Nightmare Werepig is neutral and doesn’t actively attack you. It is preoccupied with attacking the Parasitic Shadelings crawling on its shoulder. To progress, you must help the boss kill these Shadelings. They can only be seen when your sanity is low (insane state).

You have two options for maintaining low sanity: stand near the boss’s feet to receive a -800 sanity per minute aura, or wear a Nightmare Amulet. Attack the Shadelings as soon as the boss shoves them off its shoulder. Remember to eat sanity-restoring food to prevent more shadow creatures from spawning.

Phase 1: Lunge Attack

In phase 1, Nightmare Werepig exclusively uses its lunge attack. The boss will repeatedly use this move throughout the fight. To dodge the lunge attack, wait for the boss to charge at you, then quickly run to the side or diagonally towards it. Practice is key to mastering this attack pattern.

The boss has a fatigue attribute ranging from 0 to 3. When its fatigue reaches 3, it kneels down, providing an opportunity to deal extra hits. Successfully dodging a lunge attack decreases the fatigue by 1.5 points, while missing a lunge attack increases the fatigue by 1. Being fatigued resets the attribute to 0.

To effectively fight Nightmare Werepig, you must successfully dodge its lunge attack three times in a row to make it fatigued. Between its lunge attacks, you can land a few hits. Practice dodging until you are proficient at avoiding the lunge attacks.

Phase 2: Ground Slam Attack

In phase 2, which occurs when Nightmare Werepig’s HP drops below 5000, a new attack called the ground slam is introduced. This attack has a wide area of effect, high damage, and creates small sinkholes that slow you down.

To trigger the ground slam attack, approach the boss. If you are too far away, it will stalk you and regenerate 25 HP per second. Pay attention to the boss’s movement and head to identify when it’s stalking you. When the boss raises its hand, immediately run away or to the back. Choosing a direction quickly is crucial to avoiding serious consequences.

After successfully dodging the attack, hit the boss twice, retreat, and then repeat the process to trigger the next ground slam attack. Avoid running into the sinkholes left by the previous ground slams, as they will slow you down and hinder your ability to dodge the next attack. Destroying the pillars during this phase can yield 3-4 Dreadstones each.

Phase 3: Combination Attacks

Phase 3 begins when the boss’s HP drops below 3000. In this phase, Nightmare Werepig combines its lunge and ground slam attacks. If you are familiar with the previous phases, this final phase should not pose a significant challenge.

Be cautious of the boss’s combination attack, as it is highly dangerous. If the boss successfully lands a lunge attack, it will immediately follow with a ground slam. This move has the potential to instantly kill unprepared characters.

Dodge the lunge attack and take advantage of the boss’s fatigue to land hits.

Additional Information

Nightmare Werepig’s Health

Nightmare Werepig in Don’t Starve Together has a total of 10,000 health points. By the time you encounter this boss, you should have more advanced weapons than normal Spears or Tentacle Spikes. With a Ham Bat or a Thulecite Club, you will need to hit the Nightmare Werepig approximately 169 times to defeat it. However, using a Dark Sword reduces the required hits to 148.

Spawn Day

By default, Nightmare Werepig spawns underground on day 2. It then respawns every 20…