Mugen Souls Z Review (Switch eShop)

Gaming often takes itself entirely too seriously. There aren’t enough games that embrace ridiculous, silly ideas and run with them without coming across as shallow and one-note.

Mugen Souls Z, a sequel to the 2012 game Mugen Souls, attempts to infuse its gameplay with a healthy dose of absurdity. The game kicks off with a scene featuring a spaceship transforming into a giant robot for an epic space battle, setting the stage for the weirdness to come. Unfortunately, Mugen Souls Z stumbles in its execution and struggles to maintain its entertaining silliness.

The story of Mugen Souls Z follows Chou-Chou, a goddess who captured seven worlds in the first game, as she sets her sights on new worlds to conquer. However, Chou-Chou has been stripped of her powers, leaving a new goddess named Syrma to drain the powers of other deities. The plot quickly becomes convoluted and difficult to follow, with an overwhelming number of characters introduced within a short span of time. These characters become reduced to shallow stereotypes, and combined with the game’s text-heavy opening hours, it becomes challenging to reach the more enjoyable parts of the game.

Engaging Combat and RPG Mechanics Hindered by Weak Plot

One of the highlights of Mugen Souls Z is its combat system. The game blends strategy and turn-based mechanics, with the battlefield positioning playing a crucial role in battles. Your party, composed of both new and returning characters, engages enemies on a battle map. Movement is limited but important, and finding optimal positions between enemies and crystals on the map can lead to satisfying rewards.

Each party member has a basic attack and a variety of special skills to wear down enemies, with late-game attacks dealing staggering amounts of damage. The crafting system allows for the creation of powerful equipment, adding depth to the gameplay. While the graphics may be dated, the stylishly animated attacks are still enjoyable to watch.

The Nintendo Switch remake of Mugen Souls Z stays true to the original while featuring slightly upgraded visuals. Fans of ecchi content will be pleased to know that this version is uncensored, restoring several images and a minigame that were previously removed from the Western release. However, it’s important to note that the game’s characters are more cute than sexy, with a focus on the moe anime style rather than explicit content.

A Game for the Patient and Dedicated

Mugen Souls Z is a game that requires patience and dedication to fully enjoy. The main story alone can take around 60 hours to complete, and the game truly shines in its crafting and Peon systems when players invest over 100 hours to unlock everything. However, casual RPG fans may struggle with the game’s underwhelming story, sluggish pacing, and excessive dialogue.

In conclusion, Mugen Souls Z has its positive aspects, but it unfortunately makes it difficult for players to access and appreciate them. The lengthy tutorial, repetitive plot, and excessive dialogue hinder the overall enjoyment of the game. Unless you have a deep love for grinding and crafting mechanics, Mugen Souls Z may not be the right choice for you.