FFXIV – How to Change Class

How to Change Your Class in Final Fantasy XIV

Discover the easy process of changing classes in Final Fantasy XIV and optimize your gaming experience.

Unlocking the Class

Prior to class change, the class needs to be unlocked. Unlocking a class is achieved by completing the first quest in the class questline. While some classes start at level 1, others start at levels 30, 50, 60, and 70, granting additional mid-game content options.

Equipping the Weapon (and soul crystal)

Each class beginner quest awards a weapon specific to that class. To equip it, navigate to your armory chest, right-click, and select “equip.” Once the weapon is equipped, you officially become that class. However, for jobs above level 30, equipping a soul stone is also necessary. Locate the specific soul crystal slot in your armory chest and equip the soul crystal with the same name as the job.

Equipping Armor

While armor is not essential for switching classes, it is important to note that armor does not transfer across all classes. Prior to entering a duty, ensure that appropriate armor is equipped. To easily determine the best armor, open your character menu and select the “Recommended Gear” button. Purchase any missing pieces from the marketboard or progress through your class quests to obtain suitable armor.

Making Class Changes Effortless with Gear Sets

While the aforementioned method for changing classes always works, it can be tedious to follow every time. However, you can streamline the process by creating gear sets.

To create a gear set, access your character menu and click on the icon resembling a piece of paper located above your character. Create a new set by clicking the plus sign. Ensure that you are wearing the ideal gear for your desired class before creating the set.

The gear set will automatically assign all currently equipped items. Up to 100 sets can be created. You can add the set to your hotbar for easy access or return to the menu to switch to the desired gear set whenever you are not engaged in combat or duty.

It is recommended to maintain at least one gear set for each class, including hand and land jobs. Whenever you obtain new best-in-slot gear, select the corresponding set and click “Update Gear Set.” Multiple gear sets can be created for one class or multiple sets can be created with variations in glamour, although the latter can be more challenging to achieve.

Now that you are familiar with the process of changing your class in FFXIV, optimize your gameplay experience to its fullest!

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