Grab 20 Great Sci-Fi Audiobooks For $18

Score Up to 20 Sci-Fi Audiobooks in Humble’s Iconic Bundle

If you’re a science fiction enthusiast in need of some new listening material, Humble’s Iconic Sci-Fi Audiobooks Bundle has got you covered. This bundle includes a selection of up to 20 sci-fi audiobooks, ranging from enduring classics to modern best-sellers.

Following Humble’s pay-what-you-want model, you can get started with just $1 and receive three audiobooks from the bundle. The $1 tier features the first book in Larry Niven’s highly acclaimed Ringworld series, which has had a significant influence on popular sci-fi franchises like Halo. Additionally, you’ll receive The Runelords: The Sum of All Men by David Fairland and Hell Divers, the first book in Nicholas Sansbury Smith’s popular post-apocalyptic saga.

By increasing your payment to at least $10, you’ll unlock four more audiobooks, bringing your total to seven titles. This includes sequels to some of the books from the $1 tier, such as Hell Divers 2 Ghosts and The Ringworld Engineers. You’ll also receive Ice Prophet by William R Forstchen and The Sharing Knife Vol. 1, Beguilement by Lois MacMaster Bujold.

For a minimum of $18, you’ll gain access to the entire 20-item bundle. This tier includes all the audiobooks from the previous tiers, as well as multiple sequels in the Ringworld, Hell Divers, The Runelords, The Sharing Knife, and Ice Prophet series. The complete list is outlined below.

Humble’s Iconic Sci-Fi Audiobooks Bundle also supports the First Book charity, an organization that provides reading and education services, as well as new books, to disadvantaged children in the US. So, not only will you be enjoying some fantastic listening material, but you’ll also be contributing to a great cause.

You can purchase Humble’s Iconic Sci-Fi Audiobooks Bundle until October 5.

  • Ringworld
  • The Ringworld Throne
  • Ringworld’s Children
  • The Ringworld Engineers
  • Hell Divers, Volumes 1 through 5
  • The Flame Upon the Ice
  • A Darkness Upon the Ice
  • Ice Prophet
  • The Runelords – The Sum of All Men
  • Fate of Worlds
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf
  • Wizardborn
  • The Lair of Bones
  • The Sharing Knife, Volumes 1 through 3

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