Party Animals Review – IGN

With the release of Party Animals, developer Recreate Games brings a fresh twist to the popular genre of floppy, physics-based multiplayer games. Inspired by titles like Fall Guys, Gang Beasts, and Human: Fall Flat, Party Animals stands out from the crowd thanks to its attention to detail, unique levels, and comedic showdowns. While there are some flaws in terms of rigid rules and local multiplayer functionality, the overall experience is engaging and enjoyable.

Intense Animal Combat

In Party Animals, players control cute and clumsy animals with powerful right hooks. Joining up to seven other players, you’ll engage in a variety of challenges that involve punching, dropkicking, headbutting, and flopping your way to victory. The wobbly animations add a fun, chaotic element to the controls, although they may take some time to get used to. However, the intentional delay in performing actions becomes satisfying as you watch your animal launch into motion. The long wind-up for attacks contributes to the ragdoll nature of the characters, making each blow feel impactful.

Diverse Game Modes

Party Animals offers three distinct game modes, each with its own set of maps. The main mode, Last Stand, presents players with small yet cleverly designed maps that are perfect for intense eight-player mayhem. It features unique environmental challenges, such as a cracking ice float or a high-speed wind tunnel. Weapons are also available in all three modes, with Last Stand prioritizing knockouts. Giant lollipops, crossbows, tasers, and other items rain down from the sky, adding to the chaos of the battles.

Team Score, the second mode, divides its eight maps into sports-themed and non-sports-themed challenges. While the sports maps are enjoyable, it’s the non-sports maps that truly shine. These maps introduce diverse mechanics, requiring players to carry coal, launch explosives, and sabotage opponents. The game does an excellent job of rewarding players who understand the floppy controls, ensuring that new or unskilled players can still enjoy the experience.

Finally, Arcade Mode provides entertaining gameplay but is overshadowed by the other modes due to its small selection of only two maps. However, Final Destination, where players fight for control of a subway platform, stands out as a highlight. It would be beneficial if Party Animals incorporated a playlist system to allow players to choose their preferred modes or maps more consistently.

Limitations in Customization and Local Multiplayer

One area where Party Animals falls short is its limited customization options. Unlike other party games, Party Animals lacks the variety of rule customization that contributes to long-term replayability. This is particularly noticeable in Team Score mode, where players cannot modify score limits or adjust timers. The rigid design of each map and game mode can lead to matches dragging on if players deviate from the expected objectives or controls.

In addition, local multiplayer functionality is hindered by the requirement of four-way split-screen, which can cause frame rate issues. The lack of a fixed view of the entire map makes local multiplayer less appealing, discouraging players from gathering for in-person gaming sessions.


While Party Animals has some flaws that could benefit from post-launch updates and patches, the overall experience is entertaining and engaging. Recreate Games has succeeded in putting its own spin on the physics-based multiplayer genre, delivering a game that is both hilarious and competitive. With its creative levels, chaotic gameplay, and adorable characters, Party Animals offers hours of fun for players looking for a lighthearted multiplayer experience.