Kinoa’s Hen Gelberg on “The true power of LiveOps” | Pocket

Insights from Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2023

Now that Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2023 has come to a close and our attention shifts to Pocket Gamer Connects Jordan 2023, there are still some valuable takeaways to share from the event. One of the standout talks was delivered by Hen Gelberg, the chief business development officer and co-founder of Kinoa. Gelberg’s presentation titled “Live ops like the pro” shed light on the importance of live ops in the gaming industry.

Gelberg kicked off the talk by acknowledging that live ops is often a misunderstood concept in the gaming market. However, having a successful live ops strategy is crucial for long-term success in any game. Gelberg summarized the main objective of live ops as maximizing player value, emphasizing the need to create engaging activities and events in-game to encourage players to return on a daily basis.

The Key Components and Player Understanding

Gelberg emphasized that while passion is important in game development, it doesn’t pay the bills. In order to sustain the growth of a game and continue delivering content, players need to be willing to make purchases. She highlighted the core component of real-time game management and the importance of understanding players.

In her talk, Gelberg provided two examples of players, Bob and Mary, to illustrate the importance of tailoring the game experience to each individual. By analyzing Bob’s behavior, such as being a non-paying user, Gelberg explained how specific events and mini-games can be offered to him in order to entice him to become a paying customer. On the other hand, Mary, an already paying user, can be motivated to play through experiences that grant her boosters and by notifying her when she unlocks something new.

In addition to personalized events and rewards, Gelberg highlighted the importance of tailored push notifications. Generic notifications are less likely to be effective, so it’s crucial to target notifications based on the player’s interests. For example, notifying Mary that she is about to unlock something new can motivate her to click on the notification and continue playing.

“You want to maximise your player’s value, increasing retention, enhancing the player’s experience and optimising monetisation.” – Hen Gelberg

– Hen Gelberg

Gelberg emphasized that these tailored experiences should be regularly monitored and adjusted as needed. If a player like Bob is consistently offered the same deals and events without making a purchase, it’s important to introduce new rewards to see if that can convert the user.

In conclusion, Gelberg emphasized that live ops is not just about executing events and features, but rather about having them run in real-time to maximize player value and enhance engagement. The right tools and strategies are essential for executing live ops effectively and continuously improving the player’s experience.