Stellaris – How to Board Cultist Ship

A game like Stellaris can be complex and players often encounter challenges that may seem like bugs. One common problem is knowing how to board the cultist ship. If you’ve encountered this issue, you’re not alone.

The cultist ship is part of the radical cult event chain in Stellaris. Completing this chain rewards players with valuable items and a decent ship for their game era. This guide aims to help you navigate through the steps and obtain these rewards early on.

How to Board the Cultist Ship in Stellaris

Stellaris features various event chains that can lead to exciting adventures for your empire. One of the well-known event chains is the radical cult, which often triggers early in the game and presents a challenge for beginner empires.

In this event chain, your home system has been plagued by a rogue cult for centuries, and now they’ve become a space-borne threat. Your task is to deal with the three cultist ships in your home system before they can cause any major damage. A fleet of around six corvettes should be sufficient to achieve victory.

Once you’ve successfully destroyed the cultist ships, a pop-up message will appear, explaining your next objective. Faint life signs are detected on one of the disabled ships, and you must send a boarding party to investigate.

Sending a Boarding Party to the Cultist Ship

Understanding how to send a boarding party can be confusing because it is categorized as a research project, which is typically associated with science ships. However, the solution is straightforward once you carefully read the situation log.

According to the situation log, you need to have one military ship in the same system as the disabled cultist ships. It doesn’t have to be in orbit of the ships, just in the same system. The first boarding party should take place in your home system, making it easily accessible.

To execute the boarding maneuver, select the fleet you want to use for the mission. Then, on the galaxy map, right-click the orange exclamation mark next to your home system. From the menu that appears, choose “Research Project in System.”

After selecting this option, your fleet will immediately move to complete the orders. The next phase of the event chain will appear on your screen, and you can proceed as desired.

Troubleshooting Boarding the Cultist Ship

If you encounter a bug during the mission or if no exclamation point appears, you can try moving your military fleet closer to the disabled ships. Although there won’t be an option to enter orbit, you can visually estimate the proximity.

Remember to utilize the situation log, which lists all your in-game missions. Under the radical cult entry, you’ll find the option to research the project if your military ships are within range of the disabled ship. The situation log is a helpful tool for guiding you through the completion of events.

That’s all you need to know about boarding the cultist ship in Stellaris. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments section below. And remember, enjoy the thrilling experience of hunting cultists in Stellaris!