Review – Fae Farm (Switch)

Fairy Promising Fae Farm: A New Addition to the Cozy Farming Genre

Fairy Promising Fae Farm is the latest release in the ever-popular cozy farming simulation game genre. Inspired by games like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and My Time at Portia, Fae Farm offers a warm and stylized gaming experience with its charming Chibi art style and endearing characters with big eyes.

Character Customization and Gameplay

The character creation in Fae Farm offers plenty of options, allowing players to personalize their farming experience. However, the constant giggling of the character on the customization screen can be annoying for some players. Furthermore, one major downside of the character customization is the inability to change your character’s name. If you wish to play under a different alias than your Nintendo account username, you’re out of luck.

When it comes to gameplay, Fae Farm takes a linear approach to farming. Upon arriving in town, players are immediately presented with a quest that guides them through the main story. The game restricts access to certain areas with spikey tentacles, ensuring that players explore the game world in a predetermined manner. While this limits early game exploration, Fae Farm still manages to offer an interesting and comedic experience. Players can jump back into the sea, get caught in whirlpools, and discover surprising recipe items even before completing the first quest.

The Joys and Challenges of Farming

After progressing through a few quests, players can finally start developing their farms. This involves learning the basics of farming, such as chopping wood, clearing bushes, and mining minerals. Crops can be planted, watered, and harvested, while activities like cooking, fishing, and bug catching add depth to the overall experience. However, using the correct tool for each farming task can sometimes be a hit or miss, potentially leading to accidental destruction of desired landscaping.

Fishing and bug catching require players to switch between tools, which can be time-consuming. Additionally, the game places limits on item hoarding and selling. Players can only sell a maximum of 32 items at the town market each day, and each item must be sold individually. Managing inventory in Fae Farm can thus become a challenge, especially when trying to create a visually appealing farm layout.

Despite some minor drawbacks, farming in Fae Farm remains enjoyable. Players can create food items to restore stamina, and the initial recipes may seem odd but add a unique touch to the game’s culinary aspect.

Side Quests, Combat, and Skill Levels

As players progress through the game, they will encounter side quests that diverge from the main story. These job quests are tied to specific skills and offer rewards such as décor, items, and the in-game currency known as Florin. Fae Farm also surprises players with a combat element, although it maintains a relaxed atmosphere throughout. Combat encounters consist of enemies shaped like discarded items that come to life.

Each skill in the game, such as fishing and logging, has a level cap of 20. Increasing these skills offers benefits and increases their profitability. Dungeons provide an additional layer of excitement, as players search for switches and gather minerals to create seals for easy return visits to previous floors.

The Beautiful World of Azoria

Azoria, the world of Fae Farm, is a majestic and visually appealing place teeming with wildlife. The game offers a well-designed assortment of animals that fit seamlessly into the immersive world. Players can also bring machinery onto their farms to automate item production, adding both convenience and a sense of accomplishment.

Some Flaws and Room for Improvement

Fae Farm does have its flaws, most notably limited bag space. Constantly managing inventory and deciding whether to discard items can become a tedious task. The game fortunately provides a shed on the farm for unlimited storage, which proves helpful during mining expeditions.

One area where Fae Farm falls short is in its relationship system. The characters in the game tend to be dull and uninteresting, and interactions between players and NPCs become monotonous. Giving gifts to characters based on their likes can also result in unexpected outcomes, as preferences may change without clear explanation. These shortcomings leave much to be desired in terms of engaging social dynamics.

A Truly Engaging Farming Sim

Despite its limitations, Fae Farm offers a vast array of activities and endless possibilities for players to enjoy. Engaging in crafting, furniture design, and house customization can easily become addictive, making Fae Farm a strong contender in the farming simulation genre.

With room for improvement and the potential for updates and enhancements in the future, Fae Farm presents a promising gaming experience. This article was based on a review copy of the game provided by Phoenix Labs.