Liftoff’s Sven Elstermann on monetising in today’s competitive app landscape | Pocket

Adapting to Changes in App Monetization for Success

App monetization has become increasingly challenging in today’s competitive market. With hundreds of thousands of games available across Google Play and the iOS app stores, app publishers are struggling to capture users’ attention. Additionally, rising inflation has led to a decrease in consumer spending, making it even more difficult to generate revenue. Furthermore, changes to privacy policies have made user acquisition more challenging. However, Liftoff, a leading mobile app development company, has recently upgraded their SDK to offer advanced features that can help app publishers overcome these monetization challenges.

Introducing Liftoff’s Upgraded SDK 7

Liftoff’s SDK offers seamless integration and an easy-to-use interface, allowing publishers to drive revenue and improve their in-app ad performance. The recent upgrade to SDK 7 introduces a new suite of advanced features, including real-time ads and ad download optimization. We spoke with Sven Elstermann, Senior Manager of Product Management at Liftoff, to learn more about how these upgrades can benefit app publishers.

Adapting to New Ad Networks and Technologies

Sven explains that adapting to new ad networks and technologies is both an opportunity and a challenge for app publishers. While these networks may offer higher revenue potential, integrating them seamlessly and ensuring they enhance the user experience can be complex. Publishers must constantly evaluate the performance of different networks, test their impact on user engagement, and determine the optimal mix for their monetization strategy. Liftoff’s upgraded SDK addresses these challenges by providing a lightweight, easy-to-integrate solution.

Selecting the Ideal Ad Formats

Choosing the right ad formats is crucial for successful monetization. Publishers often struggle to find the right balance between user experience and revenue generation. They must consider the impact of various ad formats on app performance, user engagement, and overall satisfaction. Liftoff’s SDK offers a wide range of ad formats, including fullscreen and non-fullscreen options, to help publishers find the ideal mix for their apps. Publishers are encouraged to explore non-fullscreen ad formats, such as banners and native ads, which integrate more seamlessly into the user journey.

Mitigating Concerns about Ads and User Retention

User retention and effective monetization go hand in hand. Publishers must find ways to generate revenue without negatively impacting the user experience. Intrusive ads or frequent interruptions can lead to user churn and harm the app’s long-term success. To address these concerns, Liftoff’s upgraded SDK 7 offers features like real-time ads and ad download optimization. These features improve ad rendering and can lead to higher revenue for publishers.

Addressing Technical Issues for Monetization Efforts

Bugs and technical issues can significantly impact monetization efforts. If an ad fails to load correctly or causes the app to crash, users may become frustrated and abandon the app. This can result in immediate revenue loss and damage the app’s reputation. To mitigate these issues, Liftoff’s SDK 7 includes error logging, which allows for proactive detection and resolution of minor issues before they affect a large number of users.

Building Successful Monetization Strategies

To build successful monetization strategies, publishers need to maintain a user-centric mindset. This involves regularly collecting user feedback, analyzing data, and leveraging user behavior insights to optimize ad placements and formats. Collaboration between development, marketing, and monetization teams is crucial for a seamless user experience and effective bug reporting. Liftoff also supports publishers by staying updated with industry trends and providing innovative solutions that adapt to evolving monetization opportunities while prioritizing user satisfaction.


Mobile app monetization is a delicate balance between generating revenue and delivering an exceptional user experience. Liftoff’s upgraded SDK 7 offers advanced features and improvements that can help app publishers overcome the challenges they face in the monetization landscape. By leveraging Liftoff’s expertise and innovative solutions, app publishers can maximize their revenue potential and achieve long-term success in the competitive app market.