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Young Love Premieres on Max

Get ready for the delightful and charming animated series, Young Love, premiering on Max on September 21. This show combines clever writing and strong comedic timing to deliver a humorous and heartwarming portrayal of a modern African American family. While it may not reach the same heights as its predecessor, the Oscar-winning short “Hair Love” by Matthew A. Cherry, it still stands out as one of Max’s most entertaining animated offerings.

Expanding on Uplifting Portrayals

Beginning as a spin-off of “Hair Love,” Young Love continues the heartwarming journey of a Black family. The story focuses on Stephen, who takes on the challenge of styling his daughter Zuri’s hair after his girlfriend Angela is diagnosed with cancer. By dispelling negative stereotypes of absentee fathers and highlighting the cultural significance of hair care, “Hair Love” presents an uplifting portrayal of Black fatherhood. Young Love successfully expands on these positive notions and explores a variety of themes throughout the series.

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Humor and Family Dynamics

You can expect a lot to be happening in Young Love. The series explores the challenges of parenthood, conflicting societal norms, financial troubles, and multi-generational drama. All of this is conveyed through the show’s campy yet relatable family dynamics. The ongoing tension between Stephen and Angela’s landlord father, Russell, adds amusement to the storyline. Additionally, the wild ideas of 6-year-old Zuri and the hilarious escapades of her grandmother Gigi keep the show entertaining. Whether it’s conning first graders or engaging in an impromptu kung fu fight, Zuri and Gigi always find themselves in interesting situations.

Talented Cast and Comedic Moments

The strength of Young Love lies in its clever writing, comedic timing, and talented cast. Loretta Devine shines as the lovable yet overbearing grandmother, Gigi. Harry Lennix portrays Russell, a character reminiscent of the Black sitcom patriarchs of the 90s. Scott Mescudi (Kid Cudi) delivers a mostly calm depiction of Stephen, showcasing his resilience as a father. Brooke Monroe Conaway brings energy and charisma to the role of Zuri, providing many memorable comedic moments. Together, the cast creates a funny and endearing depiction of these diverse characters.

A Mix of Funny and Insightful

You can expect Young Love to be a family-friendly show with a mix of humor and insightful moments. With a dope soundtrack and comic book-inspired animation, the series offers an enjoyable viewing experience. However, it does fall short when it comes to fully exploring some of the deeper themes it introduces. The challenges faced by Stephen and Angela due to their past experiences are not thoroughly examined, and certain moments feel superficial. Despite this, Young Love still manages to deliver heartfelt moments and entertaining episodes.

Overall, Young Love is a delightful animated series that combines humor, heart, and an endearing portrayal of Black characters. While it may not dive deep into all the underlying issues it hints at, the show’s charm and talented cast make it a worthwhile watch. Be sure to catch Young Love when it premieres on Max on September 21.