F-Zero 99 Update Adding More Tracks, Datamine Uncovers New Modes

F-Zero 99 Update: New Tracks and Modes Coming Soon

Image: Nintendo

If you’re curious about the future updates for the latest Switch Online racer, F-Zero 99, Nintendo has announced that the game will be receiving updates in “late September” and “mid-October” that will introduce more tracks.

According to Nintendo’s Japanese website, the first update will focus on Queen League courses, while the October update will bring new King League tracks. Additionally, a datamine of the game has revealed the possibility of additional modes in the near future.

The dataminer ‘OatmealDome’ discovered unused modes called “Arcade Mode” and “Survival Mode” within the game files. Arcade Mode is said to feature a timer and time gates placed in the circuits, while Survival Mode remains mostly mysterious at this time.

Another dataminer and Nintendo Life user, ‘LuigiBlood’, uncovered unused files in F-Zero 99, including references to a track from the Satellaview entry BS F-Zero Grand Prix, which was a Super Famicom peripheral released in Japan in 1995.

F-Zero 99 is currently available exclusively to Switch Online subscribers. For more details about this new battle royale racer, be sure to read our review on Nintendo Life. Here’s a snippet of what we had to say:

“This isn’t the definitive way to play F-Zero, but it is a brilliant take that supplements what worked so well in the original with thoughtful additions that make chasing victory utterly addictive.”

What are your thoughts on the upcoming updates for F-Zero 99? What other features would you like to see added to the game? Share your own opinions below.

[source: nintendoeverything.com]