The Elder Scrolls 6 Launching No Earlier Than 2026, According To Microsoft Court Document

Starfield Launches, The Elder Scrolls VI Release Window Estimated for 2026 or Later

With the release of Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated game, many fans are now turning their attention to The Elder Scrolls VI. However, according to documents released by Microsoft during the ongoing FTC vs. Microsoft case, it seems that we’ll have to wait a few more years for the next installment in the iconic franchise.

The document, as reported by The Verge, includes a chart outlining Microsoft’s approach to releasing Bethesda games since the acquisition. In the chart, The Elder Scrolls VI is listed as an Xbox and PC exclusive, confirming previous statements from Xbox head Phil Spencer that the game would not be coming to PlayStation. However, the chart also reveals that the game has no concrete release window and is expected to arrive “2026 or later.”

This information aligns with what Phil Spencer testified during the case, according to Stephen Totilo from Axios. Spencer stated that The Elder Scrolls VI was at least five years away and that platforms were “technically TBD.”

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The Elder Scrolls VI was first announced at E3 2018, but the game was still in the design phase at that time. Since then, Bethesda has kept details about the game under wraps, with no significant updates in the past five years. Todd Howard, the studio head, explained in an interview with The Telegraph that they announced the game early to reassure fans that they were committed to single-player experiences, following the reception of Fallout 76 and the industry’s emphasis on live-service games.

While fans shouldn’t expect substantial news on The Elder Scrolls VI in the near future, it’s good to have a clearer idea of when to anticipate its release. In the meantime, you can check out our review of Bethesda’s latest release, Starfield, and for those looking even further ahead, Todd Howard has hinted that Fallout 5 will come after The Elder Scrolls VI.

[Source: The Verge]