Running Out Of Ammo In Starfield? Tips To Manage Ammo

How to Manage and Prevent Ammo Shortages in Starfield

Running out of ammo in Starfield can have dire consequences, especially when facing enemies with their crosshairs trained on you. Ammo is an essential resource in Starfield, as it powers your ballistic and energy weapons. Without it, your weapons become useless weight in your inventory, forcing you to rely on melee weapons or unarmed attacks. While this may sound interesting, it can be deadly in the early stages of the game if you don’t have the necessary skills and perks. In this article, we will provide you with tips on effectively managing your ammo and grenades in Starfield.

1. Choose the Right Weapon for the Job

It’s crucial to select the most appropriate weapon for each situation, as certain guns are more ammo-efficient than others. For example, a sniper rifle is excellent for taking out distant targets with a single shot, but it may not be as effective against a horde of enemies charging at you. In that case, an assault rifle or shotgun would be a better choice. It’s also important to understand how different ammo types affect various enemy types. Choosing the right weapon for the job will ensure that you conserve ammo more effectively.

2. Keep an Eye on Weapon Rarity

In Starfield, weapons come in four different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Legendary weapons are the rarest and most powerful, boasting three modifiers that give them a significant advantage over other weapons. The number of modifications a weapon has determines its rarity. It’s essential to note that not all modifiers are equal, and they cannot be changed without using console commands. Therefore, pay attention to the rarity of your weapons and choose the ones with the most advantageous modifiers.

3. Loot Ammo From Fallen Enemies and Containers

Looting fallen enemies and containers is the most common way to acquire ammo in Starfield. Containers can be found throughout the Settled Systems and often contain various items, including ammo. Additionally, you can retrieve weapons from enemies and gather the ammo left in their magazines. To increase your chances of finding ammo, invest in the Scavenging Skill. This skill boosts the amount of ammo you discover in containers, giving you a greater supply to rely on.

4. Upgrade Your Weapons with Mods

Upgrading your weapons with mods can significantly improve ammo management in Starfield. There are several weapon mods available, but some of the most useful ones for ammo management include:
– Ammo capacity mods
– Reload speed mods
– Accuracy mods
– Damage mods

Consider your play style and the types of enemies you encounter when selecting weapon mods. Prioritize mods that improve ammo capacity, reload speed, accuracy, and damage to optimize your weapon’s performance.

5. Invest in Better Space Suits

Some space suits come with enhanced reload speeds, reduced incoming damage, and other perks that can aid in ammo management. If you frequently run out of ammo, investing in a space suit with ammo management benefits can give you an edge in gunfights. Take advantage of these specialized suits to improve your overall performance and conserve ammo.

6. Use Your Ammo Sparingly

In Starfield, precision aiming through the iron sight is the key to managing ammo effectively. This approach allows you to take precise shots, avoiding wasteful “spray and pray” tactics. By conserving your shots and aiming carefully, you can make the most of your limited ammo and increase your survival chances.

7. Conserve Your Grenades

Grenades are powerful tools in Starfield, but they are also scarce. To make the most of your grenade supply, use them strategically. They are particularly useful against groups of enemies or powerful bosses. Additionally, you can toss grenades over cover to eliminate enemies without exposing yourself to danger. Proper timing is crucial, as grenades have a delay before detonation. Choose the right type of grenade for each situation to maximize their effectiveness.

8. Invest in the Scavenging Skill

The Scavenging Skill increases the amount of ammo you can find in containers. At Rank 2, this skill allows you to discover extra ammo, which can be a lifesaver when you run out. By investing in this skill, you can also save money by reducing the amount of ammo you need to purchase from vendors. Additionally, the Scavenging Skill helps you locate other valuable items in containers, making it a beneficial skill for all players.

9. Carry a Variety of Weapons

Having a diverse selection of weapons is advantageous in Starfield. Different guns use different types of ammo, allowing you to switch between them as needed. This versatility ensures that you always have a weapon with available ammo, giving you an advantage in combat.