The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Skip PlayStation 5

The Elder Scrolls VI’s exclusivity may have finally been revealed in a newly unsealed document from Microsoft’s responses in the FTC vs. Microsoft trial. The document lists The Elder Scrolls VI as an Xbox and PC exclusive, with an expected release date of “2026 or later.”

This confirmation comes as no surprise, as recent Bethesda games like Starfield have also been exclusive to Xbox. However, the exclusivity of The Elder Scrolls VI has been a topic of debate, with Xbox’s Phil Spencer avoiding a clear answer.

Earlier this year, Microsoft documents suggested that The Elder Scrolls VI could potentially release on PlayStation as well. However, Sony does not believe this will happen and stated during the FTC trial that Microsoft intends to make the game exclusive to Xbox.

Officially, the confirmed platforms for The Elder Scrolls VI have not been announced. Phil Spencer hinted at the possibility of Xbox exclusivity, but previous documents have indicated that the game may also come to PS5. Despite this uncertainty, Sony is understandably concerned about the future of Call of Duty.