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Unity Co-Founder David Helgason Reflects on Pricing Changes

Unity, the popular game engine, recently faced backlash after announcing changes to its pricing scheme. Now, the company’s co-founder and ex-CEO, David Helgason, has taken to Facebook to express his thoughts on the matter.

Helgason begins his post by acknowledging that Unity “fucked up on many levels.” He admits that the new business model was poorly communicated and failed to address crucial aspects. Instead of being what it was intended to be, the changes ended up being the opposite. Despite this, Helgason remains cautiously optimistic about the progress and apologizes for the confusion caused.

Personal Statement, Not Official

It’s important to note that Helgason’s remarks were made on his personal Facebook page and do not necessarily represent Unity’s official stance. However, after witnessing the turmoil from the past week, Helgason likely felt compelled to speak out.

While it’s unclear if these comments are officially endorsed, they have been received positively by the Unity community. Many developers appreciate Helgason’s promise to revisit the decision and offer greater clarity.

For example, Nazif Berat, founder of Voontent, praised Helgason’s contributions to the ecosystem and expressed gratitude for reconsidering the decision. Lennart Roosendaal, founder and creative director at Infinity Interactive, hoped that Helgason’s involvement would bring light and clarity to the situation.

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates on Unity’s next steps.