Where to find the House of Enlightened in Starfield

Finding the House of Enlightened Location in Starfield

Finding locations in Starfield can be challenging due to various reasons. Ground maps are non-existent, requiring players to memorize the locations of shops in cities. Additionally, outer space is vast, making it difficult to remember the whereabouts of specific planets and the cities they contain. This search for locations also applies when joining different religions within the game. For players looking to follow the Enlightened route, here is where you can find the House of Enlightened in Starfield.

Starfield: House of Enlightened Location

Luckily, discovering the House of Enlightened doesn’t take too long, as it can be found on one of the initial planets you visit. Specifically, you can find the House of Enlightened in Starfield in The Well in New Atlantis, on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.

In Starfield, there are a total of three different religions, one of which is the Enlightened faction. Right from the beginning of the game, players have the option to align themselves with a religion by choosing specific traits. As a bonus, players can receive a chest of items from their selected religious institution. So, if you’re in search of the chest in the House of Enlightened, follow these instructions.


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If you’re unsure of The Well’s location, just find an elevator. When you reach the New Atlantis fast travel point, pass through the contraband scanners and head towards Jemison Mercantile and Terrabrew. Between these two shops, there is an alley with an elevator that leads to The Well.

Once you exit the elevator, you will quickly notice the House of Enlightened on your left. To find your chest, if you are a follower of the religion, enter the house, go down the stairs behind the front desk, and turn left down the hallway. On the left side of the new room, you should see your chest. Inside, you will find aid items and religious books.

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