Helldivers 2 Hit By Wave of Negative Steam Reviews After PSN Announcement

Sony recently made an announcement regarding Helldivers 2 and its players on Steam, stating that they will soon need to link their accounts to PlayStation Network. Initially, this was a requirement at launch, but due to technical issues, it was made optional. However, the decision to bring it back has sparked discontent among many PC players, leading to a flood of negative reviews on the game’s Steam page.

Helldivers 2 receives over 17,500 negative reviews in just one day

The news about Helldivers 2’s PlayStation Network requirement was shared in a Steam Post on Thursday, May 2, at 8:33 PM Eastern/5:33 PM Pacific Time. This announcement triggered a significant surge in negative reviews the following day. As of now, more than 17,500 Steam users have posted negative feedback within a single day. Despite the game’s overall rating remaining “Mostly Positive,” recent reviews have transitioned to “Mixed.”

One Steam review criticizing the change humorously reads, “The Automatons have taken over Sony headquarters.” This particular review received over 11,700 helpful ratings, along with many similar jokes from other users.

Another player expressed their disappointment by stating, “I purchased this game on Steam with the intent of playing it on Steam. I do not and will not have a PlayStation account. It is unacceptable to force players to link accounts or face a ban from the game months after its release.”

Some Helldivers fans may find themselves unable to access the game once the new rule is implemented. A Reddit user from Estonia highlighted this issue by saying, “As someone residing in Estonia, I am unable to create a PSN account. Therefore, the game is effectively blocked for me.”

Sony’s justification for requiring a PlayStation Network account for Helldivers 2 revolves around easier management of abusive players. They claim that it is the primary method of safeguarding players from griefing and abuse, allowing for the banning of such individuals with an option to appeal. However, many players suspect that the rule is more profit-driven rather than security-focused.

The mandatory requirement will come into effect on May 6, with existing Helldivers 2 players only experiencing a compulsory login starting from May 30. Subsequently, they will have until June 4 to link their Steam and PlayStation Network accounts.