Don’t Starve Together – List of All Bosses

In Don’t Starve Together, Conquer Epic Bosses to Progress and Earn Valuable Rewards

In Don’t Starve Together, bosses are massive creatures with devastating attacks and a strong aura of insanity. These formidable opponents can even demolish structures, including walls built by players. Defeating these bosses not only rewards you with valuable items and blueprints but also gives you a sense of accomplishment and progression. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide a list of all the bosses in Don’t Starve Together, along with their health points and some tips for defeating them.

List of All Bosses in Don’t Starve Together

In Don’t Starve Together, many bosses, apart from the seasonal bosses, require you to initiate the fight manually. The game doesn’t follow a specific progression line, allowing you to face bosses in any order you prefer. To provide a recommended order for tackling the bosses, we have arranged them based on their difficulty, starting with the easiest.

  1. Treeguard (2,100 – 3,750)

    During the early days of resource gathering, you may encounter Treeguards when chopping down too many trees. These massive guardians have a health range of 2,100 to 3,750 and deal significant damage to players and mobs. To pacify a Treeguard, consider planting tree cones to calm it down. They can also be utilized later in the game to defeat other creatures such as Pigs and Bearger.

  2. Deerclops (4,000)

    Deerclops is the first seasonal boss you will face, appearing in Winter. This boss poses a significant challenge, especially for newcomers, as it has the ability to destroy structures. Prepare yourself by gathering enough resources to survive the harsh winter weather while simultaneously defeating Deerclops. Once you are familiar with the game, Deerclops becomes a valuable source of Eyeballs.

  3. Moose/Goose (6,000)

    Moose/Goose is the boss of Spring in Don’t Starve Together. While it may actively attack you, staying away from it will keep you safe. However, defeating Moose/Goose is recommended to progress further in the game and to have a faster battle against the Ancient Fuelweaver. Collect its feathers to craft Weather Pains.

  4. Lord of Fruit Flies (1,500)

    During the Spring season, if you have a successful farm with more than 14 fully grown crops within 1.5 tiles, the Lord of Fruit Flies will spawn and attack the crops’ owner. This boss fight is relatively straightforward, with the Lord of Fruit Flies having 1,500 health points and dealing moderate damage. Defeating it will reward you with a Friendly Fruit Fly Fruit, which takes care of your farm plants.

  5. Antlion (6,000)

    Surviving the scorching Summer in DST is already challenging, but you must also face the seasonal boss, Antlion. This boss can cause immense damage to your base without physically moving. You have two options to deal with the Antlion: contribute trinkets to delay its disturbances or defeat it to save resources. Alternatively, you can choose to ignore the boss, but you need to monitor its disturbances closely. If your character mentions anything strange about the ground, immediately evacuate your base to minimize damage.

  6. Bearger (6,000)

    During the first Autumn, there is no boss. However, starting from the second Autumn, Bearger will spawn to disrupt players and destroy their base. Bearger is relatively easy to deal with, like other seasonal bosses, and mainly relies on cute yawning. Use honey to lure it away from your base, allowing it to hibernate through the seasons. When needed, you can utilize Bearger to farm logs and other resources.

  7. Ancient Guardian (10,000)

    After defeating the four seasonal bosses, it’s time to venture underground! The Ancient Guardian, found deep within the Ruins, serves as your first boss encounter in the caves. With 10,000 health points, two phases, and a unique fighting technique, the Ancient Guardian requires a different approach compared to previous bosses. Dodge its charge attacks and strike when it’s stunned. Defeating the Ancient Guardian not only grants you Thulecite rewards but also an Ancient Key to summon another boss and reset the Ruins.

  8. Shadow Pieces (800 – 10,000)

    To delve deeper into the game, you must learn how to defeat the Shadow Pieces. Summoning these creatures requires a time-consuming process, involving gathering Suspicious Marbles, repairing Marble Sculptures, waiting for a new moon, and mining the sculptures. These three creatures are challenging to deal with, and defeating one of them allows the others to level up. Focus on one piece at a time and fight them in the correct order to significantly reduce the battle’s difficulty. The recommended order is Knight, Bishop, and Rook.

  9. Reanimated Skeleton (4,000/4,000/16,000)

    After defeating the Ancient Guardian and Shadow Pieces, you will face the Reanimated Skeleton. This boss has three variants, but the most noteworthy is the Ancient Fuelweaver, which is the strongest and offers the most valuable rewards. Defeating the Ancient Fuelweaver destabilizes the Ruins, causing most biome resources underground, including the Ancient Guardian, to regenerate.

  10. Nightmare Werepig (10,000)

    During your underground explorations, you might encounter a giant Werepig chained by marble pillars, begging for freedom. While this boss fight is optional, it provides an excellent opportunity to farm Pure Horror and Dreadstone for crafting Dreadstone gears. Make sure to challenge the Nightmare Werepig when you have the chance.

  11. Crab King (20,000 – 95,000)

    The Crab King is your next target to progress further in the game. You need to socket nine gems into its shell to summon this boss. Additionally, for the next boss fight against the Celestial Champion, one of the gems must be a Pearl’s Pearl. Be prepared for a challenge, as the Crab King’s health, abilities, resistance, and healing increase with each gem socketed. Unlike other bosses, the battle with the Crab King takes place on a boat, making it even more complicated and daunting for newcomers and intermediate players.

  12. Celestial Champion (10,000/13,000/22,500)

    The Celestial Champion serves as the final boss in Don’t Starve Together. Unlike seasonal bosses, you can choose when to confront this celestial threat. Completing a series of quests, including defeating the Crab King with a Pearl’s Pearl socketed, experimenting with Wagstaff, and constructing structures on the Lunar Island, brings you one step closer to the end-game content. Be fully prepared for this multi-phase battle, as the Celestial Champion’s health points and abilities vary in each phase.

Conquering these epic bosses in Don’t Starve Together is a challenging yet rewarding experience. By following our guide and employing effective strategies, you can progress through the game, earn valuable rewards, and emerge victorious against these formidable foes.