PSN Down for Some, Sony Blames ‘External Issues’ (Updated)

PSN Experiencing Connectivity Issues, Users Report

PlayStation Network (PSN) is currently experiencing connectivity issues, according to reports from several players. While Sony attributes the problem to “external” issues, users claim that they are only having trouble connecting to PSN.

Reports of PSN Problems Worldwide

Reports of various problems and errors on the PlayStation Network have been surfacing for the past 10 hours on social media and gaming forums like Reddit. Some players have encountered issues with PS Plus, while others have received random error messages when trying to play games. Additionally, certain users have experienced difficulties with Sony’s online payment system for game and subscription purchases.

Multiple regions are affected by these issues. The U.S. network status page acknowledges that “PlayStation Network services are up and running, but there are external, internet-wide issues that might affect your experience.” Sony assures users that once these undisclosed external issues are resolved, connecting to PSN will not be a problem. Interestingly, Sony claims that all of its services are functioning normally despite the ongoing connectivity problems.

The same message is currently displayed on multiple regions’ network status pages, including the U.K. Unfortunately, a resolution time frame has not been provided at this time.