How To Equip Companion With Weapons & Ammo In Starfield

Equipping Companions with Weapons, Armor, and Ammo in Starfield

When traversing the dangerous world of Starfield, it’s crucial to ensure that your companion is well-equipped to handle any threats that may arise. By providing them with better weapons, armor, and ammunition, you can ensure that they have the necessary tools to protect themselves and serve as a reliable ally by your side.

How to Equip Companions

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to equip your companions with weapons, armor, and ammo:

  • Interact with your companion and select the option to Trade Gear.
    • This allows you to trade gear, reducing your carry weight while also equipping items to your companions.
  • This will open their inventory screen, which can be confirmed by checking the companion’s name displayed at the top left of the screen.
  • To access your own inventory, press the LB button on Xbox (PC controls are mentioned at the bottom right of the screen).
  • From your inventory, choose the specific weapon, armor, or ammo you wish to provide to your companion.
  • Complete the trade by confirming the selection.
  • Return to your companion’s inventory screen and press the Y button on Xbox for them to equip the chosen item.

Initially, I believed that merely trading the item would suffice. However, it is crucial to remember to equip it as well.

Do Companions Require Ammo in Starfield?

As the player, you may find yourself frequently managing your own ammunition to ensure you never run out during intense gunfights.

Now, the question arises: Do companions require ammo in Starfield? The answer is yes, although you don’t need to continuously restock or refill their ammunition supply. To provide them with “unlimited” ammo, equip them with the weapon of your choice and provide at least one round of ammo. This guarantees that they will continue using the equipped weapon without running out of ammunition during battles.

According to players on Reddit, if you fail to provide them with any ammunition, they may either discard the weapon, store it, or pick up another if available. However, by giving them even a single round, they will persistently use the desired weapon you equipped.

Additionally, it is advisable to refrain from giving grenades to your companions, as they may misuse them or cause self-damage. Since grenades are scarce, it is best to manage and use them personally.

That’s all you need to know about equipping weapons, armor, and ammo to companions in Starfield. For more location guides, walkthroughs, and additional tips and tricks, be sure to visit our comprehensive Starfield wiki guide.