Playtika subsidiary Wooga unveils Ghost Detective on Netflix | Pocket

Wooga Partners with Netflix to Release Ghost Detective Game

Wooga, a subsidiary of Playtika known for narrative-driven games, has announced the upcoming release of Ghost Detective. This hidden object game allows players to step into the role of a ghostly investigator solving the mystery of her own murder in the streets of New Orleans, a city renowned for its haunted history. The game will be available on the Netflix Games platform.

Managing director Nai Chang expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership with Netflix is not only a major milestone but also a testament to our shared dedication to delivering exceptional experiences to audiences worldwide. Like Netflix, Wooga is known for its captivating storytelling, and Ghost Detective is a thrilling adventure that aligns perfectly with Netflix’s commitment to immersive content.”

Chief revenue officer Ofer Kinberg added, “Launching Ghost Detective on Netflix Games represents a groundbreaking blend of Wooga’s narrative expertise with Netflix’s extensive reach. This partnership reflects Playtika’s commitment to providing immersive and thought-provoking experiences that captivate, challenge, and inspire players around the world.”

Playtika Overcomes Challenges and Achieves Success

Playtika has faced several setbacks this year, including the closure of its Helsinki studio and layoffs of 600 employees. As a result, new game development was put on hold due to financial difficulties. However, Wooga, a subsidiary of Playtika, has thrived amidst these challenges. In September 2022, Wooga celebrated a significant milestone of generating $500 million in revenue.

Netflix Games: A Premier Platform for Gaming

Netflix has emerged as a leading gaming platform, offering a diverse range of titles to its 238 million worldwide subscribers. The company has experienced tremendous success in the gaming industry and has high expectations for the release of Ghost Detective by Wooga.

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