Review – The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails (PS5)

A Classic Game Finds New Life

The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails, although previously available only in Japan on the PSP, has been revived for a new generation of gamers. With updated graphics and a wider release, this game combines elements of the Ys series and Legend of Heroes games to create an exciting and familiar experience. After getting a chance to play the game before its release, I was thrilled to delve into the full adventure.

A Captivating Narrative

The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails follows the story of Nayuta and his friend Cygna, two adventurers eager to uncover the secrets of their world. While Nayuta is a scholar with a curiosity for exploration, Cygna is a skilled fighter. However, when a mysterious object crashes onto their isle, Nayuta is forced to become a fighter himself. The game’s strong narrative is filled with quirky dialogue that adds charm to the overall experience, even though it occasionally falls flat.

Exploration and Exciting Gameplay

The game takes place on Nayuta’s hometown isle, where players can engage in various activities such as side quests and upgrading their equipment. Notably, you can even befriend a stray dog and provide it with a welcoming home. The side quests offer an intriguing array of challenges, including treasure hunts that require players to decipher clues. As you progress, the game seamlessly blends hack-and-slash combat, dodging, and the use of special abilities. Players must navigate maze-like paths and solve puzzles to advance, all while encountering unique enemies and traps. The gameplay loop, combined with the thrill of exploration, keeps the experience consistently exciting.

A Flexible Pace and Rewarding Progression

One of the game’s strengths lies in its ability to accommodate different playstyles and pacing preferences. Stages offer different bonuses, and by completing objectives within each stage, players can unlock new abilities. Upgrading equipment and collecting valuable items play a crucial role in progression. The game incentivizes exploration by allowing players to trade items in the island’s museum, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment as collections grow. Additionally, accumulating experience points through combat and cooking helps with leveling up and preparation for challenging boss fights.

A Visual and Musical Feast

Graphically, The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails impresses with enhanced backgrounds and character designs. While its PSP origins can occasionally be detected, overall, the game looks fantastic on modern consoles. The music, as expected from Nihon Falcom, is delightful and sets the mood perfectly throughout the adventure.

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