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List of All Weapons in Lies of P

There are two types of weapons in Lies of P: one-handed and two-handed. They can be further classified as light or heavy weapons, and your playstyle will revolve around the type you are currently using. Here are all the weapons you can find in Lies of P:

  • Starter Weapons
  • Puppet Saber (Path of the Cricket)
  • Wintry Rapier’s Blade (Path of the Bastard)
  • Greatsword of Fate (Path of the Sweeper)
  • One-Handed Weapons
  • Krat Police Baton
  • Electric Coil Stick
  • Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger
  • Pistol
  • Rock Drill
  • Dancer’s Curved Sword
  • Big Pipe Wrench
  • Exploding Pickaxe
  • Bramble Curved Sword
  • Two-Handed Weapons
  • City Longspear
  • Fire Axe
  • Clock Sword
  • Live Puppet’s Axe
  • Spear of Honor
  • Booster Glaive
  • Salamander Dagger
  • Big Pipe Wrench
  • Bone Cutting Sawblade
  • Acidic Crystal Spear
  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword
  • Etiquette Holy Sword of the Ark
  • Trident of the Covenant

The Best Lies of P Weapons: Overall and for Beginners

If you are looking to make your fights easier, then you have to choose the best weapons available in Krats. There are three weapons which are considered as top-tier. Here are the best Lies of P Weapons for every situation:

Best Lies of P Weapons in General

Salamander Dagger

  • Key stat: Advance
  • How to get: Found in the locked room next to the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer (drop in from above).
  • Why it’s great: Highly effective against infected non-puppet enemies and deals significant fire damage, especially when using the Ignite fable art.

Acidic Crystal Spear

  • Key stat: Advance
  • How to get: From the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer, take a right turn at the fork in the road.
  • Why it’s great: It offers a more extended reach and deals acid damage, making it essential for foes not weak to fire. Radiate fable art enhances acid attack.

Holy Sword of the Ark

  • Key stat: Motivity
  • How to get: Purchase from Alidoro the Treasure Hunter with the King’s Flame Ergo.
  • Why it’s great: An enormous greatsword that deals massive damage. It’s ideal for a tank build that prioritizes guarding over dodging.

Best Lies of P Starter Weapons

Puppet Saber (Path of the Cricket)

  • Key stat: Motivity/Technique
  • Why it’s great: Versatile and can be disassembled, making it suitable for experimentation and future weapon upgrades. This weapon’s flexibility makes it the best-starting item for most players.

Greatsword of Fate (Path of the Sweeper)

  • Key stat: Motivity/Technique
  • Why it’s great: It provides heavy-hitting power, suitable for beginners who prefer a slower, more powerful playstyle. Choosing this weapon provides a more forgiving gameplay.

Having the right weapon can significantly influence your combat effectiveness. Whether you’re a skilled or starting player, consider these weapon options to maximize your chances of survival and success in Krats. From there, you can improve your power by upgrading weapons and combining them with other materials.

Crafting Weapon Combinations

Crafting weapons is a crucial gameplay mechanic that allows players to customize their arsenal to suit their playstyle and adapt to various situations. The primary components are the blade and hilt. Here are why crafting weapons in Lies of P is essential:

  • Customization – Crafting weapons allows players to tailor their equipment to their preferred combat style. Players can create unique weapon combinations that synergize with their chosen playstyle.
  • Power Creeping – Crafting enables players to improve the stats of their weapons, including damage output, reach, and special abilities. This helps deal with challenging enemies and bosses as the game progresses.
  • Elemental Effects – Certain weapons can have elemental attributes, like fire or electricity. Crafting enables players to access these elemental effects, which can be crucial in exploiting the weaknesses of specific enemies.

Best Lies of P Weapon Combinations

There are many options for creating the best combinations, so consider experimenting with them. However, if you want to follow builds that have been tried and tested, this list will provide you with the ones players have already been using.

Best Overall Weapon Combinations

Greatsword of Fate + Krat Police Baton Handle

  • Key stat: Motivity
  • Why it’s great: This combination offers a heavy-hitting greatsword with vertical swings, making it excellent for dealing massive damage and reliably landing hits on enemies. It’s highly recommended for beginners as it can be accessed early in the game.

Puppet’s Saber Blade + Fire Axe Handle

  • Key stat: Motivity/Technique
  • Why it’s excellent: Ideal for quality builds (Motivity and Technique), this combination provides impressive reach and damage output. The light attacks are swift and diagonal, perfect for an evasive hit-and-run playstyle.

Electric Coil Stick Head + Electric Coil Stick Handle

  • Key stat: Advance
  • Why it’s great: This setup excels in the early game, with respectable lightning-based damage and shock infliction. It’s particularly effective against enemies weak to electricity, allowing for reliable physical and stagger damage stacking.

Best Weapon Combinations for Starters

Greatsword of Fate + Krat Police Baton Handle

  • Key stat: Motivity
  • Why it’s great for beginners: Accessible early, this combo offers a straightforward, heavy-hitting playstyle that’s effective against most foes. It’s user-friendly and ideal for newcomers.

Puppet’s Saber Blade + Fire Axe Handle

  • Key stat: Motivity/Technique
  • Why it’s great for beginners: Versatile and upgradable, this combination can accommodate various playstyles. It allows beginners to adapt to multiple combat styles as they progress through the game.

Wintry Rapier’s Blade + Electric Coil Stick Handle

  • Key stat: Motivity/Advance
  • Why it’s great for beginners: The combination of a rapier blade and electric coil handle offers agility and early-game damage potential. It’s the perfect all-rounder choice for players.

While these are the best weapons and combinations, there are still many options that can fit your playstyle. This list caters to specific styles, so consider experimenting with various items to see which ones suit your preference.