Alien Hominid HD is developer The Behemoth’s way of “contributing to preserving games”

Classic Run-and-Gun Game “Alien Hominid” Set to Get Remaster and Re-imagining

The beloved run-and-gun game “Alien Hominid” will be receiving a remaster and re-imagining for modern platforms later this year. During an interview at WASD x IGN, producer Ian Moreno emphasizes the importance of game preservation in the decision to develop a remaster.

Originally released as an Adobe Flash game on the Newgrounds website in 2002, “Alien Hominid” made its way to various platforms including mobile, handhelds, and consoles. However, it has become increasingly challenging to access the game on modern consoles, with the only option being through Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X|S.

Moreno explains, “We wanted to bring it to younger generations and make sure it’s accessible.” He further discusses the significance of game preservation, stating, “With Flash support being taken away from web browsers, there’s a whole generation or batch of games out there that’s gonna disappear.”

To address these concerns, “Alien Hominid HD” will be released for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, ensuring easy accessibility for both new and veteran fans of The Behemoth’s chaotic side-scrolling shooter.

“With older consoles, they always eventually sunset,” Moreno says. “In short, this is part of our way of preserving and contributing to preserving games in general.”

While a release date for “Alien Hominid HD” has not yet been announced, it will launch simultaneously with “Alien Hominid Invasion,” the re-imagining of the game. Moreno describes the re-imagining as the answer to the question, “What would a modern version of ‘Alien Hominid’ be?”

Although not a direct sequel, “Invasion” offers insight into what transpired after the events of the previous game. Moreno teases, “We’re also excited because there’s a ton of lore that we’re about to unleash on people, and I don’t know if they’re ready for it.”

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