Sea of Thieves Season Ten Brings Cooperation, Competitive Voyages, and Safer Seas

Player-created Guilds coming to Sea of Thieves in Season Ten

Sea of Thieves players can look forward to the release of Season Ten in October, which will introduce the highly anticipated feature of player-created Guilds. This new progression system will allow up to 24 players to form a Guild and work towards shared goals, unlocking rewards along the way. Players will be able to sail on other players’ ships and contribute to the shared Guild Reputation, enhancing the social aspect of the game. Guilds can be personalized with customizable names, branding, and mottos, providing a unique identity for each group of players. This feature aims to broaden the network of friendships and enhance player expression within the game.

Competitive Questing in Season Ten

Another exciting addition to Season Ten is the introduction of a new type of world event called the Skull of Siren Song. This event, set to arrive in November, will challenge players to locate and retrieve this valuable ancient artifact. All crews sailing the seas simultaneously will be offered the same treasure maps, leading them to the same chest and key required to claim the Skull. The race is on to be the first crew to reach the dig spot and claim one of the two components. However, other crews will be alerted to the beacon emitted when the artifact is dug up, leading to intense battles and competition to secure the Skull. This thrilling quest will test players’ skills and strategic thinking as they fight to maintain control over the treasure.

A New Game Mode for a Quieter Experience

For players who prefer a more independent and peaceful experience, Season Ten will introduce a new game mode called Safer Seas in December. This mode allows players to sail the Sea of Thieves alone or with a crew of friends in their own private game session. Safer Seas is designed to provide a gentler introduction for new players and a quieter map for those looking to pursue solo adventures or engage in activities without interference. While the rewards in Safer Seas will be decreased compared to the main game mode, players can still progress through applicable Commendations and work towards in-game goals. This mode offers a more predictable environment for players to explore and learn about the pirate life at their own pace.


Season Ten of Sea of Thieves promises exciting new features and gameplay experiences for players. With the introduction of player-created Guilds, competitive questing with the Skull of Siren Song, and the peaceful Safer Seas game mode, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The game continues to offer the ultimate pirate experience, allowing players to live the pirate life and forge their own legends on the high seas. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out the full preview video on YouTube for a closer look at what Season Ten has in store.

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