EA Sports FC 24’s New PlayStyles+ Are Your Players’ Personal Superpowers

Unleash Your Players’ Athletic Genius with PlayStyles+

PlayStyles+ in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 are the ultimate special abilities that represent the world’s best players’ personal athletic genius. Unlike regular PlayStyles, which are innate abilities possessed by all players, PlayStyles+ offer extra abilities beyond that of a regular professional’s scope.

Going Beyond Statistics

While statistics are important, PlayStyles are a unique attempt to evaluate players based on what they can do beyond their base abilities. PlayStyles+ elevate the best players beyond others with similar numerical ratings, making them stand out on the pitch.

“Think of PlayStyles+ as special abilities – each one aiming to represent the world’s best players’ own personal athletic genius.”

Enhancing Player Performance

Each PlayStyle+ can be applied anywhere on the pitch, whether it’s goalkeeping, ball control, physicality, defending, passing, or shooting. The PlayStyle+ of a player can greatly influence how you utilize them and how you set up your team.

For example, taking Son as an example, his PlayStyle+ with Finesse Shots enables him to take faster, more curved, and highly accurate shots. This makes me prioritize using that kind of shot with him over any other.

When I switch over to Bayern Munich, I discover that wing-back Alphonso Davies possesses the Quick Step PlayStyle+. This means his initial burst of speed from an explosive sprint is incredibly fast. As a result, I start directing my counter-attacks through him to take advantage of his amazing speed. Likewise, with Man City, new signing Josko Gvardiol’s Block PlayStyle+ allows him to make heroic leg stretches to stop shots, which I’ve never seen before. In crucial moments, I take control of him to neutralize marauding attackers.

A Nostalgic Gaming Experience

One delightful feature of PlayStyles+ is the appearance of an icon above the player’s head each time you activate their PlayStyle+. It’s reminiscent of unlocking a new spell or stumbling upon a hidden special move in a fighting game. The joy of seeing it for the first time and the desire to experience it again adds to the overall gaming experience.

EA Sports FC™ 24 launches on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on September 29. You can also play it in Early Access today by purchasing the Ultimate Edition, using an EA Play trial, or subscribing to EA Play Pro.