How to use Targeting mode in Starfield

How to Use the Targeting Mode in Starfield

Space combat in Starfield can be intense, but with the right skills and technology, you can come out on top. One important tool at your disposal is the Targeting system, which not only helps you defend yourself but also allows you to collect valuable resources. Here’s a guide on how to make the most of the Targeting mode in Starfield.

Unlocking the Targeting System

Before you can use the Targeting system, you’ll need to spend a skill point to unlock it. The Targeting Control Systems skill is in the Novice tier of the Tech Skill Tree, so there are no additional requirements to purchase it. Unlocking this skill will enable your ship to target enemy ships, and as you progress, you can increase the speed and damage of the Targeting system.

Aiming and Target Lock

When engaging in space combat, you’ll need to aim directly at the enemy ship. Your weapons have aim assistance to help you destroy the enemy’s shield. Keep firing until the shield is completely destroyed, as this will make Target Lock shooting much easier. To activate the Targeting system, keep your enemy in sight and watch as the Target Lock meter fills up to 100%. Once it’s full, click the Target Lock button.

Using the Targeting Mode

After activating the Target Lock, you’ll enter a new screen that focuses on the enemy’s ship modules. From here, you can strategically disable specific modules of your choice. However, be cautious of two things. First, other enemy ships can still attack you, so be prepared to defend yourself during Target Lock mode. Second, damaging modules will also inflict overall damage to the ship. This means that if you’re not careful, you might accidentally destroy the ship along with any loot or passengers it contains. Choose your targets wisely!

By mastering the Targeting system in Starfield, you can gain an edge in space combat and reap the rewards of your victories. Good luck, and may the stars be on your side!