No Steam Deck performance upgrade “in the next couple of years” says Valve

Valve Reveals Minimum Life Span for Steam Deck, Rules Out Performance Upgrade in Near Future

Valve has disappointed fans once again by clarifying that there won’t be any performance upgrades for the current Steam Deck in the next couple of years. Previously, Deck designer Pierre-Loup Griffais hinted that improvements would focus on screen and battery capacity rather than performance. Now, in an interview with The Verge, Griffais revealed that changing the performance level is not a decision taken lightly and that Valve wants to maintain a fixed performance target for developers. While Valve continues to monitor advancements in architecture and fabrication processes, a significant leap in performance within the next few years is not anticipated.

In a separate interview with CNBC, Griffais stated that Steam Deck’s current performance is considered a stable target for a couple of years. He expressed satisfaction with the horsepower of the machine and praised the quality of new releases. Valve continues to collaborate with developers and gather feedback to enhance the Steam Deck experience.

While a successor to the Steam Deck is not on the immediate horizon, the handheld gaming PC market is heating up following the success of Valve’s debut machine. Competitors like ASUS and Lenovo are entering the market with their own offerings, emphasizing increased horsepower, mod-cons, and innovative features.

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