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Weapons are crucial in the gameplay of Lies of P, as they not only determine your playstyle but also affect your effectiveness against bosses. In Krat, there are various weapons available to collect, and this comprehensive guide will assist you in locating and obtaining every weapon in Lies of P.

Lies of P Weapons

There are two main categories of weapons in Lies of P: Normal and Special. Normal weapons are easily obtainable and can be found in chests, looted from mobs, or purchased from merchants. On the other hand, Special weapons can only be obtained by exchanging a boss drop currency. Here is a list of all the regular and unique weapons in Lies of P:

Normal Weapons

  • Sword Blades
    • Puppet Saber Blade: The starting weapon for those who choose the “Balance” combat style. It can also be purchased from the Cerasani Alley merchant, offering a versatile choice for balanced gameplay.
    • Wintry Rapier Blade: The starting weapon for the “Speed” combat style and available from the Cerasani Alley merchant. It provides agility and speed for nimble combatants.
    • Greatsword of Fate Blade: The starting weapon for the “Power” combat style. It can be purchased from the Cerasani Alley merchant and is ideal for those who prefer heavy-hitting attacks.
    • Blind Man’s Double Spear Blade: Found while ascending the wooden tower within St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel. This blade combines reach with precise strikes.
    • Bramble Curved Sword Blade: Available from a merchant inside the Red Lobster Inn in Malum District. Offers a balanced blend of speed and power.
  • Greatsword Blades
    • Booster Glaive Blade: Obtained by defeating the Puppet of the Future boss and looting a chest within Venigni’s Works. Offers substantial reach and damage.
    • Bone-Cutting Saw Blade: Found in a chest in the waterlogged section of Malum District’s rooftops. A heavy-hitting option for those who prefer brute force.
    • Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade: Located at the far end of Rosa Isabelle Street. A greatsword that focuses on agility and speed.
    • Clock Sword Blade: Acquired after defeating the King of Puppets and speaking with Geppetto outside. Offers a balanced combination of power and versatility.
    • Spear of Honor Blade: Found in a chest within the toxic Decay corridors on the lower floors of Lorenzini Arcade. Provides a greatsword with unique characteristics.
  • Blunt Blades
    • Electric Coil Stick: Available from a merchant near the “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard” stargazer. Delivers electric-based attacks for crowd control.
    • Krat Police Baton: Obtained by defeating the giant Police Officer puppet on the street below the “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard” stargazer. A sturdy, blunt weapon.
    • Fire Axe Blade: Found in a chest at the end of the tunnel with rolling flame balls in Venigni’s Works. Ideal for fire-based attacks.
    • Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade: Can be purchased from a merchant near a shortcut close to the “Lorenzini Arcade” stargazer. Offers unique electric-based attacks.
    • Military Shovel Blade: Available from the merchant at the “Abandoned Apartment” Stargazer. A blunt but versatile weapon.
  • Dagger Blades
    • Salamander Dagger Blade: Located in a locked room next to Workshop Union Entrance stargazer. Deals fire damage and can be effective against certain enemies.
    • Acidic Crystal Spear Blade: Found shortly ahead of the “Path of the Pilgrim” stargazer. Inflicts acid damage for tactical advantages.
    • Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger Blade: Can be purchased from Pulcinella’s shop in Hotel Krat after obtaining the Incredible Venigni Collection box in Estella Opera House.
  • Large Blunt Blades
    • Big Pipe Wrench: Found in a chest below King’s Flame, Fuoco fight room. A heavy, blunt weapon capable of delivering powerful strikes.
    • Exploding Pickaxe Blade: Obtained by defeating the large Ballerina enemy in Estella Opera House and looting the safe within that side room. Features explosive attacks.
    • Live Puppet’s Axe Blade: As you reach the first open area of the Barren Swamp, head up to the right towards the tower to find this chest. A massive axe for devastating blows.
    • Coil Mjolnir Blade: Located in the “Krat Central Station Lobby” courtyard, head outside and go to the far corner to find this chest. Delivers electric-based attacks with a unique twist.
    • Carcass Crystal Axe Blade: Meet Test Subject 826 within Arche Abbey Outer Wall, defeat Laxasia The Complete, then go to the “Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance” stargazer to acquire this weapon.

Special Weapons

  • Sword Blades
    • Seven-Coil Spring Sword: Obtainable by exchanging the Parade Leader’s Ergo, acquired after defeating the formidable Parade Master boss. This sword offers a unique twist to your combat style.
    • Two Dragons Sword: Acquire this blade by exchanging the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo, earned by defeating the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the Swamp boss. It is a powerful weapon for those seeking a dynamic combat experience.
    • Uroboros’s Eye: Exchange the Sad Zealot’s Ergo, a reward for conquering the Laxasia The Complete boss, to wield this distinctive sword.
    • Proof of Humanity: Refuse to give Geppetto the heart and face the ultimate battle. To acquire this unique weapon, exchange the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo, which you earn by defeating the Nameless Puppet boss.
  • Greatsword Blades
    • Holy Sword of the Ark: Attain this imposing greatsword by exchanging the King’s Flame Ergo, obtained after defeating the King’s Flame, Fuoco boss. A formidable choice for those who value power in combat.
    • Frozen Feast: Exchange the Reborn Champion’s Ergo, your reward for triumphing over the Champion Victor boss, to wield this greatsword. It brings icy devastation to your foes.
  • Dagger Blades
    • Etiquette: Acquire this dagger by exchanging the Broken Hero’s Ergo, a reward for defeating the Scrapped Watchman boss. A precision instrument for those who value finesse in combat.
    • Puppet Ripper: Exchange the Burnt-White King’s Ergo, obtained after defeating the King of Puppets boss, to wield this deadly dagger. Ideal for swift and lethal strikes.
  • Large Blunt Blade
    • Noblesse Oblige: Can be obtained by exchanging the Fallen One’s Ergo, a reward for conquering the formidable Simon Manus, Awakened God boss. It’s a weapon for those seeking sheer power in their attacks.
  • Blunt Blade
    • Trident of the Covenant: Exchange the Twisted Angel’s Ergo, earned for this potent blunt weapon after defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss. It offers a unique combat experience with its trident design.

Golden Lie Special Weapon

In order to unlock the Golden Lie special weapon, you must lie at every available opportunity throughout the game. As you progress and continue to lie, you will notice a peculiar change in the portrait of a young boy in the Malum District. Pay attention to the boy’s nose, as it will grow longer with each lie you tell. Once you have completed the game, resist the temptation to start New Game+. Instead, head back to Hotel Krat and play all available records. Visit Geppetto’s room on the first floor, where you will find the portrait of the young boy with a fully grown nose. Remove the fully grown nose from the picture, and it will transform into the unique weapon, the Golden Lie.

Note: With the exception of the Golden Lie, all special weapons can be acquired by trading Ergo tokens dropped by defeated bosses. Ergos can be used to obtain either an amulet or a weapon, but choose wisely as you can only choose one.

You Can Craft Your Weapons

If you are unsatisfied with the available weapons, you have the option to craft your own blade weapon.