Payday 3 players still can’t get online at peak times three days after launch

Payday 3 Players Continue to Face Matchmaking Issues

Despite developer Starbreeze’s assurances that things are improving, players of Payday 3 are still struggling to connect and play the game online for the third day in a row.

The game was launched on September 21, and while the early access period had some minor server problems, the real issues began when the game became available to all players. Matchmaking ceased to work properly, especially during peak times in Europe and the US.

Starbreeze acknowledged the problem on social media and assured players that they were working on a solution. However, the issues persist, and players are unable to connect via matchmaking, with some experiencing being kicked from the game when they do manage to join.

The discontent among gamers is evident in online forums and social channels, with players expressing frustration and disappointment. A few, however, have urged patience, reminding others that the servers will eventually be fixed and that the game will provide the promised heist experiences.

At present, there is no response from Starbreeze regarding the ongoing server disruptions.

Payday 3, a co-op action game, was released on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also play the game at no additional cost.

Starbreeze has already unveiled its plans for the future, with a roadmap of seasonal DLC content for the next 12 months to keep players engaged.

In our review, we awarded Payday 3 a 3/5 star rating, noting that while the game offers polished heist gameplay, it feels more like a foundation for a live service rather than a complete product.