The Making of Karateka Review

Experience the Fascinating Story Behind Karateka: The Making of a Classic Game

In a time when the video game industry is filled with high-quality titles, it’s surprising to find oneself captivated by a game from nearly 40 years ago. The Making of Karateka offers a unique interactive experience that combines a classic game collection with a documentary-style presentation. It takes players on a journey through the true story of a teenager’s quest to publish a hit video game in 1985. While Karateka may not be the most enjoyable fighting game to play, exploring its story within this captivating package is a truly rewarding experience.

The Extensive and Preserved Documentation

What makes The Making of Karateka truly special is the wealth of surviving documentation related to the game’s development. It showcases the efforts of college student Jordan Mechner, who later went on to create the original Prince of Persia game. The collection features Jordan’s personal journals, development sketches, playable code for different game iterations, typewritten correspondence with his publisher, and even 3D scans of original floppy discs with handwritten labels. The attention to detail is truly impressive.

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Interactive Timeline and Playable History Platform

One of the highlights of The Making of Karateka is the interactive timeline presentation. It allows players to delve into the documents, video segments, and games themselves in an engaging and immersive way. Unlike traditional documentaries, this experience is not passive. Players can compare audio and visual tweaks between versions, track their progress on a timeline, and even play the original Karateka game with developer commentary integrated within it. The developer commentary by Digital Eclipse’s Mike Mika is a documentary in itself, providing insights into the programming tricks utilized to achieve smooth animation on early PCs.

Discover the Remade Karateka Game

The remade version of Karateka included in this collection is the standout game. It expands upon the original concept and incorporates ideas discussed in the documentary that were not possible at the time. By listening to the developers’ enthusiasm as they discuss each addition, players gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of these small expansions. The inclusion of various ’80s platform conversions further showcases the challenges faced by the young game developers. While these conversions may feel clunky and unenjoyable at first, discovering how each system was manipulated to make Karateka work is an intriguing experience.

Revive the Thrilling Moments of Karateka

Even if playing through the multiple iterations of Karateka isn’t your cup of tea, you can simply watch them. The collection includes a perfect playthrough that players can assume control of at any time. Additionally, some playthroughs feature commentary tracks, providing additional insights into the development and gameplay.

The remade Karateka is the best game of the collection.

A Captivating Documentary Experience

The documentary component of The Making of Karateka may have a simplistic presentation, but it offers some truly remarkable moments. Interviews with individuals involved in the creation of Karateka, as well as passionate fans and commentators, provide valuable insights. The most heartwarming moments occur during the interactions between Jordan Mechner and his father, Francis. As Francis recalls breakthrough moments in Jordan’s early development career, their bond shines through. Francis’s unwavering support and involvement in the game’s creation, including suggesting the innovative rotoscoping technique and lending his musical talents, make him a true hero in the gaming world.

Experience the Magic of Karateka’s Story

The Making of Karateka is a must-play for anyone interested in the history and development of video games. In addition to providing a deep understanding of the game’s creation, it showcases the power of parental support and encouragement. Through this interactive experience, players can truly appreciate the magic behind Karateka and its enduring legacy.