Corsair Virtuoso Pro Review – IGN

Corsair’s Virtuoso lineup of gaming headsets has always prioritized sound quality, and the Virtuoso Pro is no exception. With improved 50mm graphene drivers, enhanced comfort, and open-back ear cups, this symphonic headset offers a spacious listening experience without relying on virtual surround sound. Although priced at $199, which is expensive for a wired headset, these headphones may also serve as your everyday headphones.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro – Design and Features

The Corsair Virtuoso Pro delivers a great first impression. The unboxing experience is reminiscent of a high-quality pair of audiophile headphones rather than a gaming headset, with a large, zipped carrying case and a protective hardback shell. Inside, the headphones are securely held in a molded foam tray, while the cables are neatly tucked away in a mesh pocket on the top half of the case. The design of the Virtuoso Pro is intricate and visually appealing, with precision-cut aluminum faceplates on the open-back cups and a Corsair sails badge in the center. Overall, these headphones have a stellar look, making them suitable for everyday use, whether you’re gaming or on the go.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro – Sound Quality and Design

The Virtuoso Pro incorporates a brand-new driver system with 50mm drivers that are 25% larger than those found in many gaming headsets. These larger drivers, combined with graphene diaphragms, provide improved clarity, detail, and texture to the listening experience. The graphene diaphragms are lightweight yet rigid, allowing for enhanced detail and resolution, as well as extended bass and treble. The open-back design of the Virtuoso Pro further enhances the sound quality, creating a wider and more natural soundstage compared to closed-back gaming headsets. However, the open-back design also allows sound to escape, so it’s not isolating and those around you can hear what you’re listening to.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro – Comfort and Additional Cables

The Virtuoso Pro comes with three detachable audio cables, with an optional fourth cable available for purchase. These cables include a mic cable for gaming and streaming, a standard 3.5mm cable, and a splitter cable for separate microphone and headphone connections. Corsair also offers a 4.4mm balanced cable for higher-end DACs and amps, although it’s not necessary for these headphones. In terms of comfort, the Virtuoso Pro is well-built and exceptionally comfortable, with reinforced metal at common breakage points and soft, breathable cushions. The headband provides a strong grip force without causing discomfort, even during extended use.

Corsair Virtuoso Pro – Microphone and Performance

The unidirectional and noise-canceling microphone of the Virtuoso Pro is a bit mixed in terms of performance. While it produces fairly good sound quality with minimal compression, its level is too quiet when plugged directly into a PC, requiring the microphone volume to be turned all the way up. This leaves little headroom for adjustments. However, using an interface with more power, such as the Elgato Wave XLR, resolves this issue and allows for improved background noise suppression. The headset excels in sound quality, ranking among the best gaming headsets with its rich and airy listening experience. The bass is full and wide, explosions are impactful, and the overall audio is well-balanced with forward mids and sparkling highs. The Virtuoso Pro captures intricate details, making it suitable for discerning gamers and music enthusiasts alike.