Stellaris – Best Ship Designs

Creating the Best Ship Designs in Stellaris

Stellaris offers players the opportunity to create their own custom ships and engage in epic battles. But what is the best ship design in Stellaris? While opinions may vary within the community, one thing is clear: customized ships designed to counter your opponent’s strengths are always the top choice. However, constantly redesigning and retrofitting fleets can be a daunting task for some players. If you prefer a simpler approach to ship design, this guide will provide you with versatile ship designs for all classes.

Understanding Ship Design in Stellaris

Before diving into the best ship designs, it’s important to understand the different classes of ships in Stellaris. The game features six military ship classes in size order: Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship, and Titan. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. For newcomers, ship design may seem complex, but relying on auto-generated designs is not recommended as they often result in weak fleets. Instead, take some time to learn the ship design system and create your own designs based on your understanding of each class. This will enable you to create bespoke fleets that can counter your enemies effectively.

Best Ship Designs for Each Class

Corvette Ship Design

Corvettes may appear small and insignificant, but when utilized correctly, they can become powerful weapons. Their evasion potential makes them difficult targets for larger ships and starbases, making them ideal for hit-and-run tactics. This ship design focuses on creating a fast attack fleet that can cause chaos behind enemy lines. With a single interceptor section, equip two missiles and one phase disruptor weapon. For defense, use two armor pieces and one shield. Afterburners should be your choice for the sole component slot, enhancing speed and evasion. Set the combat computer to swarm for improved evasion and fire rate.

Frigate Ship Design

Frigates share similarities with corvettes, but they have slower speed and lower evasion. While not as effective in hit-and-run fights, frigates can still be valuable additions to your fleet. Choose the torpedo boat section and equip it with a missile weapon for the small slot. For the torpedo slot, use a torpedo (not a launcher) to conserve power. Set the ship computer to swarm and install afterburners for increased speed. As for defenses, opt for three armor pieces and one shield piece to maximize evasion potential.

Destroyer Ship Design

Destroyers have struggled to find their place in the meta, as they are not strong enough to be frontline fighters but can still be useful in a supportive role. This ship design focuses on countering corvette-heavy empires. Equip the front section with a gunship featuring whirlwind missiles, a laser weapon, and an autocannon. The rear section should be an interceptor section with S-slot weapons for accuracy. Balance defenses with shields and armor, and set the ship computer to picket for intercepting corvettes.