Top 5 early game Strikers in EA Sports FC 24

One of the most exciting aspects of playing FIFA/EA Sports FC Ultimate Team at the beginning of the year is the discovery of hidden gems among the base cards. These players may later be replaced by promotional cards, but for now, they provide a sense of excitement and the opportunity to find new favorites for your team. In this article, we will focus on the Striker position, which is crucial in the game, and highlight the top 5 early game Strikers in EA Sports FC 24.

To determine the top 5 early game Strikers, we consider the desired attributes for this position. In previous years’ games, it has been important to find players with high pace and decent shooting stats. While dribbling is also desirable, obtaining players who excel in all three areas at a low price can be challenging during the early stages of the game. Here are our top 5 early game Strikers, listed in no particular order, for EA Sports FC 24. We will also mention a few honorable mentions.

Top 5 Early Game Strikers in EA Sports FC 24

Elye Wahi

Elye Wahi is an excellent choice from Ligue 1. Although there are other great options like Martin Terrier and Jonathan David, Wahi stands out with his Playstyle+ rating, four-star skills, and weak foot versatility. Despite his stamina being slightly lacking at 70, his exceptional pace, shooting, and dribbling stats make up for it.

Ademola Lookman

While Ademola Lookman may be on the pricier side, his stats make him worth the investment. Serie A offers cheaper alternatives like Luis Muriel and Marcus Thuram, but Lookman’s outstanding attributes of 86 pace, 81 shooting, and 85 dribbling cannot be overlooked.

Lynn Williams

Lynn Williams is personally one of my top choices for an early game Striker in EA Sports FC 24. Despite her higher cost compared to other players on this list, her in-game performance surpasses expectations. With 92 pace, 82 shooting, and 81 dribbling, she is a fantastic addition to any team.


Beto is another great option for early game players in EA Sports FC 24. Although he may work best as a solo striker, he can also excel in a strike partnership. The Premier League offers several alternatives such as…

Leon Bailey

Leon Bailey is an outstanding choice for an early game Striker in EA Sports FC 24. With attributes like 90 pace, 77 shooting, and 82 dribbling, he brings immense value to any team. As someone who has been consistently impressive in previous FIFA games, Bailey continues to shine in the first installment of EA Sports FC.

Other Options for Early Game Strikers in EA Sports FC 24

Here are some additional recommendations based on research: Ferran Torres, Alvaro Morata, Sheraldo Becker, and Ollie Watkins.

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