Fire Emblem Engage – How Does Romance Work?

How to Achieve Romance in Fire Emblem Engage

Romances have always been a small mechanic in the Fire Emblem franchise, and they have made a comeback in the latest title, Fire Emblem Engage. However, starting a romantic relationship is not always straightforward. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with all the information you need to partner up with your favorite Units.

How Romance Works in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, romance is tied to a unique Support Level. By achieving the rare S-Rank Support Level with a Unit, you can raise the bond between that individual and Alear to the highest standard, which allows you to become exceptionally close. It also initiates a romantic relationship with eligible Units. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve the S-Level Support and romance all the Units.

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  • How Romance Works in Fire Emblem Engage
  • All Units You Can Romance

Building Support Level

If you want to romance a specific character in Fire Emblem Engage, you first need to spend time building up Alear’s Support level with them. Support is a mechanic that determines the strength of your relationships with each Unit, with C, B, and A rankings. There’s also the rare S level Support ranking that can only be obtained with one Unit of your choice. Achieving S-Level Support with a Unit deepens the bond with Alear significantly and can lead to a romantic relationship with eligible characters.

To raise your Support level with a character, there are several methods you can follow:

  1. Position the Unit adjacent to Alear on the battlefield and engage in combat, consume an Item, heal yourself or an ally, or take damage from incoming attacks. Each action will earn points toward the Support level.
  2. Give Gifts to the Unit. Each character has preferences for certain Gifts, so choose accordingly to boost your Support level.
  3. Participate in various activities around Somniel with the Unit, such as training at the Arena, talking, completing recreational activities, or dining together at Cafe Terrace.

Once you have enough points to raise your Unit’s Support to the next level, a Support Conversation cutscene will unlock. You can view these conversations in the menu under the Reference tab. After the cutscene, the Support level with that Unit will increase to the next rank.

Unlocking the S Level Support

In Fire Emblem Engage, all characters can reach A-level Support, but only one can reach the S level. To reach the S level, you need to obtain a valuable item called the Pact Ring. Complete Chapters 21 and 22 of the main story to unlock the Pact Ring. After that, complete the Paralogue titled “The Connector” to receive the Pact Ring. This occurs late in the game, so make sure to raise your Support level to A rank before obtaining the Pact Ring.

Once you have the Pact Ring, you can gift it to a Unit of your choice. This will unlock a special ending between Alear and the chosen recipient and trigger the S rank Support Conversation. Both Alear and the chosen recipient will gain access to the Boon of Elyos Sync Skill, which grants bonuses to Crit and Dodge based on the number of allies that have acted in the turn of combat.

Additionally, the Unit that receives the Pact Ring will gift a Memento to Alear, which can be found in the Mementos Drawer in Alear’s Bedroom. These Mementos add depth to each character’s bond with Alear without offering any gameplay effects.

All Units You Can Romance

In Fire Emblem Engage, there are over thirty obtainable and playable Units. However, not all of them can be romanced. Some characters only deepen their bond with Alear on a platonic level, while others may show interest but not pursue a romantic relationship. Here’s the breakdown:

Units with Platonic Pact Ring Relationships:

  • Vander
  • Clanne
  • Framme
  • Celine
  • Boucheron
  • Etie
  • Jean
  • Alcryst
  • Citrinne
  • Amber
  • Yunaka
  • Saphir
  • Hortensia
  • Zelkov
  • Rosado
  • Anna
  • Lindon
  • Fogado
  • Timerra
  • Veyle

Units with Romantic Pact Ring Relationships:

  • Alfred
  • Louis
  • Chloe
  • Diamant
  • Jade
  • Lapis
  • Ivy
  • Kagetsu
  • Goldmary
  • Panette
  • Merrin
  • Bunet
  • Pandreo
  • Seadall
  • Mauvier

Which Unit did you choose to give the Pact Ring to? Did you pursue romance or settle for a platonic bond? Let us know in the comment section below, and check out the rest of our content here at Gamer Empire for more Fire Emblem Engage guides!